Oh hi. You feel like you’ve seen this outfit before, yeah? You’ve definitely seen the pieces separately. Time and time again. I am a BIG believer that if you are going to wear it once and that’s it then you don’t need it. Special occasions aside, of course. I knew as soon as I saw this chambray shirt that there was going to be at least three ways I’d wear it. It turns out it’s become my summer staple and there was WAY more ways than that.

Introducing the most recent.

The tucked into a skater skirt version. It needs a little work, the loose fit of the top there’s a bit of bunching happening. The simple undie tuck will solve this, so never fear. Wait. You DO know the undie tuck, right? It’s when you tuck your tucked in shirt into the top half of your underwear to hold it in place. This requires, obviously, larger than your average bear undies. Not shapewear to be clear, that stuff will squish your organs. Just longer line underwear made for maximum coverage. You’re welcome.

Wait. What was I talking about again?

Ahhh yes, chambray. If there is one thing you add to your wardrobe in the sales {they’re coming, aren’t they always} I would recommend an easy fit, collared chambray shirt. Do it. You won’t be sorry you did, they are so useful and just add this element of chic’ness that a plain t-shirt just can’t do. Well that was an impassioned plea for shirts, yes? Let’s see more photos.

Chambray Shirt – 17 Sundays
Skater Skirt – Via Boohoo
Point Toe Kitten Heels – Target Australia
Necklace – Sportsgirl

 Do you find yourself wearing and wearing and wearing the one item?


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