This post contains claims of true love & eternal devotion for a gifted item. 

Chambray shirts, way essential. Trust me. Once you own one you live in them. Open as a sort of light jacket. Buttoned up. Tucked in. Hanging out. Over swimmers in summer. Under jackets in winter. The perfect chambray shirt should be a ‘must find’ for every girl’s wardrobe. Or so says me.

My search for the perfect chambray started a while ago. I wanted light wash, soft, light and with sleeves wide enough to roll. No button gape would be a bonus but something I could live without if pushed. So it began. It took me first to New Look. With a perfect light wash option that was, unfortunately, only available in a two sizes smaller than I wanted. I bought it anyway and made it work for a year or so. In the end, the too firm arms and straining bust meant it had to go. The search continued.

Then came my first chambray true love. I picked it up secondhand from a Facebook closet sale. Barely worn this deep blue chambray shirt was made for me. It turned out to be the cornerstone of a developing relationship with its maker, the team at 17 Sundays. It washed like a dream getting slowly softer, lighter and oh so easy to throw on. We were together for years before I even realised that deep down I had my heart set on a lighter wash. So I started to look again. But like most first loves I still love my chambray, and we remain close. It’s not the chambray; it’s me.

Then in a twist of biblical proportions, perhaps that a little dramatic but stay with me, it turns out that from the very same creator as the first, THE perfect shirt would emerge. My one true love. My chambray shirt soul mate. A light wash beauty that met all my crazy criteria and more. A shirt that might as well has been made to fulfill my life’s desires. Here she is folks. Love is in the air. Even though the air is a humid 40 something degrees, I’ve committed 110%. I’m all in.

Mr Suger will need to watch his back, don’t you think? Haha.

Basic Faded Shirt – 17 Sundays {gifted, on sale now}

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