Hey team, welcome back! How was your Christmas? I’m hoping fabulous. I’ve been at the beach for just under a week and have managed to get sunburnt using old sunscreen. Then I sweated it out in the humidity of a summer storm riddled few days. All while eating my body weight in Christmas food washed down with some boozy beverages. Christmas was a total success in my books.

I hope you can say the same. Really, I do.

But this is an outfit post. Right? So let’s talk about that. You may notice that at the base of this outfit is a very simple, very whatever, basic ensemble. A white tank and my new favourite thing ever chambray shorts. Nothing to write home about, right? Comfy but simple. Then you throw on the Nyata print shrug and hey presto, daytime glam.

I assume. Daytime glam isn’t a style I wear too often.

But easy to wear built good foundation of basics is right up my ally, and that’s why these shrugs have become a favourite for casual-and-then-some item of clothing. Plus it has been humid as hell. If it’s not light, I’m not wearing it. Literally. I’d rather wear nothing. But that’s probably too much information. Moving on.

If you want to replicate this look, it’s as easy as securing a shrug or kimono jacket in a lightweight fabric. Then throw it on over a light summer dress, a combination like this one or a maxi dress. I picked up some nighties at Kmart for $5.50 each that are going to become beach layering pieces for me. Light and easy, that’s your aim.

Shrug on loan from Nyata, the shoes are by Emerson for BigW and the chambray shorts were given to me by 17 Sundays.

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