Suger Coat It

I was chatting on Skype {thank you reasonable internet, I love you} to Lisa and Sam in Italy. Sam was heading off to collect the kids from school for lunch, Lisa was brimming with good health and excitement over her recent enrollment in B-School. We waved Sam off and started to talk about it. She shared that she felt real focus for her blog for the first time ever. She was crystal clear.

Her intention was to show people how they too could live a simple, fulfilling life wherever they are.

I laughed out loud. Well derr, I said. Derrrr. We had been saying it for a year or more. Sam in his own way had harped on about it since before then. I saw the look of surprise on her face as I laughed at her saying yes, well, welcome to the party Lisa, you’ve finally caught up. We are good enough friends for me to say that, I promise.

Sometimes we can’t see our own purpose because we are too close. Can’t see the forest for the trees my Dad always said. Lisa had her face pressed against the laptop screen and had missed that the thing that came naturally to her, the thing she loved above all else, the life she was living was all pointing her to blog a certain thing.

And she’s not alone.

My inbox overflows with people who would like to know how to commit to their blog, their business or an exercise routine. I tell them there are no secrets, you just have to like what you are doing. Love it actually. You have to wake up thinking about it every morning. It has to excite you.

Exciting in a way that inspires and pushes you.

I go to the gym because the way I feel, the time I spend there with people I love, makes me happy. I work for myself because I love the idea of freedom and creating something that is all mine. I blog because I have a lot to say. I blog because I am excited about the things I blog about. That’s why, I think, it’s always a little random around here.

But am I missing something? Is there something that if I was to stumble upon it in a month or a year from now and declare it the purpose of this blog you would laugh at me? I say it’s about living the sweet life. It’s about confidence, fashion and living well. I think people come here to read it because it makes them think differently and take on new things in life. Even if that means something as insignificant as trying ankle boots just once. But that’s what I see.

I have a request for you. As someone on the inner circle of the outside of this blog {as in, you don’t live here but you might as well sometimes} tell me, if I was to construct one sentence to tell people the purpose of this blog, what it is about what would I say? What would YOU say?

No ego stroke needed {you guys are MORE than generous in that regard}. I’m curious. Tell me what I’m not seeing. Show me the trees, I’ve been looking at the forest too long. If you would please. 

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