Tis the season and most of us are running on empty. I know I sure as heck am. Empty means a little too much caffeine for me. A little too much time gazing wistfully at my air-conditioned bedroom longing for a nap. Today I’m buzzed. Today I have written the beginning of some of the best content I’ve ever written for this blog and that makes me happy.

I hadn’t really planned it. To move to more considered posts, but it sort of happened. I was hopped up on long blacks and tapping the keys like a mad woman. The new version of Steal Her Style looks killer. I’ve got one HECK of a New Year’s Eve what to wear guide coming. The Target Christmas Day what to wear guide is coming along nicely. I’ve drafted a post about green juices that is going to make my green friends out here VERY happy.

The funny part is I’m hitting my straps in a time that is notoriously bad for blog traffic. People are busy. Lots of people to see, places to go and all that. That’s not funny, I hear you say, we want your posts to be read by LOADS of people Suger. Gasp. What shall we do. Well my friends {you can probably feel the jitteriness, yes?} thank you for your concern. But I simply don’t care anymore.

Sure I’d love for these beautifully crafted and exciting blog posts {cough, so vain, cough} to go out in the world and be awesome that very moment. Of course. A blogger can dream, right? But the truth is one post does not this blog make. These posts will just be the most recent additions in a wealth of information I’ve stored here. They may not be this year’s best and brightest but they WILL get their time in the sun.

Good posts always do.

So if you’re out there and you are new to this blogging caper. Listen to your old Aunty Suger when I say. Write the good stuff, publish it and send it out there. Don’t worry so much about time of day, schedules and editorial calendars {I know, who AM I!?}. One day, if you share it around and continue to do your thing, it will have its day in the sun. One day that well written post of your might just be the one that goes viral, or scores you your dream job or advertiser. Then you and your blog will have its day in the sun.

Good blogs always do.

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