THIS is the building near the tree in the park where I live. Every year it gets better looking, more layers of character added to it. More old goodness. I think its waste treatment or something. But its mighty pretty. The brick which is so everyday, pedestrian really, works and is charming, don’t you think? Even the leaves that fall from the trees and go brown on the roof are picturesque. Maybe it’s the summer haze talking?

this tree this building in the park-2this tree this building in the park-5

Then there’s this tree. The big tree. Surrounded by smaller but just as effective shade trees. They offer a cool reprieve from the heat of the day for the lunching and lounging people. They shade the slide from the scorching sun. I’m pretty sure it’s still metal. Unheard of in the plastic playground world we live in. I can imagine the heat that slide can hold and transfer to someones butt. Ouch. It looks like childhood to me. Do you remember the screech of skin against a metal slide? I do.

this tree this building in the park-3 this tree this building in the park-1

So from far away from home {not that far I suppose, Mackay IS in the same state} I hope you enjoyed this peek into my town. I said to Hubby when I took these, Dani was right, I need to show off more of my town. There’s so many beautiful things to see. So many gorgeous buildings, random ones too {like this one}, that surprised me time and time again when I see them. I wonder if you’d be interested in that, then I realise. Yes or no, I’ll probably do I anyway. So let’s pretend you said yes.

And later this week, if you’re looking for me, I might just be here. 


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