No one can say that I don’t stick with things. When I find something that I like I flog that thing to death. Boyfriend jeans are one such thing. These are from Torrid, and when I originally purchased them I thought they were going to be more of a skinny jean, my go to style. A happy surprise indeed. These are my new go-to jeans.

And what can I say, the 90s girl in me couldn’t resist the boyfriend jeans with the bodysuit thing so here we are. Easily my favourite combination. And I know I say that a lot but it is this combination that saw me put aside my ankle boots {(though it works just as well with boots) and slip on some heels again. Perfect and oh so cool.

As an aside… You know the thing I find difficult about bodysuits with a long torso? Even when I sized up, which I did twice, they are still like wearing a size too small swimsuit, dragging everything down with them. I think I might give them up soon in favour of the normal old tuck.

Anywaaaaaays, moving on, so go ahead and enjoy the Aussie Curves: Denim week, my photos and the submissions from the other ladies. First week of a new challenge year. Fun!

Bodysuit – ASOS Curve {similar’ish}
Boyfriend Jeans – Torrid
Nude Heels – Emerson for Big W
Watch – Guess {so old}
Chain – Diva 

Skimlinks Test