Get your funny faces ready folks because it’s bloopers time again. The time when I throw caution to the wind and show you a behind the scene glimpse at those photos that make me smile. And usually, make YOU guys smile too. Thank goodness for that. Because this blog only has outfits on it because a few people way back at the beginning encouraged me to be myself.

I love clothes. I love to dress up. I also have a squishy face that loves to pull funny faces and I can’t be trusted in front of a camera for long before I go cross-eyed or stick out my tongue. It relaxes me. Makes it seem less serious and official. Less like I’m attempting to be some glossy version of myself and I just get to be my-ver-own-self.

So let’s go, the caption competition if open as always. Go nuts.

plus size outfit plaid jacket crop top + ful skirt-1

You probably think this song is about you. Don’t you? Don’t yooooou? 

suger coat it fashion blog bloopers-1

Hair stuck in lipgloss? Same old, same old. 

plus size fashion blog bloopers-1

Dear lord let this be OVER soon. 

p.s. I actually do this so you can’t see the shadow of my head on detail shots. It works really well even if you look a bit like a numpty. BUT Hubby thought it would be funny to snap a pic. He was, as he sometimes manages to be, right.

plus size fashion blog bloopers-3

Sad panda. Sick of waiting. 

suger coat it fashion blog bloopers-2

Less directing, more smiling Suger… 

suger coat it fashion blog bloopers-4

…And STRETCH those face muscles.

plus size fashion blog bloopers-2

Pffffft. I don’t WANT TO. 

suger coat it fashion blog bloopers-3

Is there anything in my teeth? Anything at all?

And there you go folks. Another edition of the bloopers post. Click through the related links for more. And if they don’t show up because the widget is broken or taking a billion hours to load {again!} just head on over to the search bar and type in bloopers and/or outtakes and you’ll be on your way. Until then, do you have a better caption for any of the photos? Come oooon, hit me with your best shot. Haha. 



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