the cosby show

I was raised by a man, a man who happens to be my father, who loves the Cosby Show. He loved it almost as much as he loved us. Interrupt his show and you’d find out how small that gap was. So I grew to love it too. It shaped me, and the conversations with my parents in the way tv did back then. It had been years since I saw an episode, enter YouTube.

You guys know about binge watching stuff, right?

Well, we’ve been doing that. Mr Suger pretends to roll his eyes at me and work at the kitchen table, but I hear him occasionally chuckle. Me, on the other hand, I’m the laugh out loud type. I’ve chuckled, I’ve whooped, and I’ve hee-hawed. It’s the best. I’ve learnt a lot about life and love and family from the Cosby Show.

It feels a lot like the way my parents parented us. Similar rules, ideas about raising children and there were even parallels in some of the lessons learnt. It’s just too bad that our lives didn’t wrap up into a tidy bow at the end of 25 minutes. Now that is a trick I wish I’d been able to learn from tv. Learning not to go to bed angry is something I still struggle with. Especially when I trip over Mr Suger’s boots in the dark.

Did you know Adam Sandler was in Season 4? Me either. Apparently this show has everything. You should check it out, the man is adorable, even if his shorts are shorter than anything I’ve seen in my life. My Dad tells me it was common back then. I told him he was never allowed to complain about skinny jeans again.

Speaking of which the fashion moments are EPIC. Super duper epic. Denise in the first three seasons was the queen of style. In later episodes, all the ladies moved on from the 80s taffeta to denim and bomber jackets. It was a lesson in pattern clash to make the best pattern clasher dizzy! Amazing. Over the top. Style. Inspiration.

Hence, the binge watch. So much goodness on so many levels. It’s the best, just like old times, a time capsule to my childhood. Sigh, so wonderful. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I run out of episodes… Maybe I’ll need to find Punky Brewster on YouTube.

What was your favourite show from when you were a kid?


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