This week I am being inspired by the ocean. The beachy baby blues that make me long for summer days, the ocean and the way that salt water makes my hair less frizzy and more accidentally cool. Maybe it’s the cold days, the grey rainy week, but all I could think about as I prepared this post was running away to the ocean and diving in.

And it being warm, of course.

Or warm enough. Which at this time of year would absolutely not be the case. We are in doona season and the addition of lots of rain, cooler days, it’s made it clear that winter is coming. Looking back at last week’s snuggly mood board, I feel the seasons so strongly these days, I wonder if it was always the case. I’m not sure it was.

I know I used to remember when it was summer. I hit summer holiday mode and just went for it. But I don’t remember taking the time I am this year to reflect, to restore myself like I have been. As I step in sync with the outer world I feel calmer on the inside. You know, despite that desperate urge for the beach. There’s a calm with going with the flow I think. And that’s something I’ve learnt the hard way.

What are you feeling this week? Are you bunkering down in this cooler weather or gearing up?

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