Taking my love of all things monochrome and sports luxe to the next level today sharing with you this new bomber sent to me by the team at Harlow Australia. As part of my challenge to myself to wear more colour this season all things black and white have been relegated to the later pile. They find themselves in the back of the wardrobe, left in favour of neon green, deep pinks and royal blue. Poor dears.

It’s been fun stretching myself though. It can be difficult to throw together an outfit at the last minute when you’re not just matching black with black, with white. I’m finding my way. I wear colour more often than not these days. But a girl’s first true love never leaves her, right? And black is certainly my first true clothes love. It was never going to stay gone for too long.

This is my second ‘official with a camera’ attempt to get photos of this mesh bomber jacket. It’s elusive in that it looks great on, and I’ve worn it a number of times. Hello, it’s a jacket with holes, in this weather, it’s perfect. And let’s face it, very my style. But the photos have never worked out. It’s hard to capture the detail I think. Harlow’s new range has a threefold focus with a little bit sporty, a little bit boho and a little bit glam. And then after that, they released some new denim. Phew. Busy busy. Check it out.

Pants – Bellecurve (old stock), T-Shirt – ASOS Curve & Shoes – Emerson for Big W

Shop the Borderline Sports Luxe Mesh Bomber here. 

Oh yes, and new hair! Check that out. I cut off half, maybe more, of the substantial ponytail I’d been accumulating. All the recent colour changes, ombre styling and pool swimming had done its damage. It was time to lighten it up. I’m going to write more about it, and how it seems to be a bit of a thing at the moment, we are making changes. Making moves towards summer, towards a different life… I have more to say than can be added here. So I’ll be back.

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