My mother is a real estate agent. In the 90’s she was well into her awarded career and had the power-suited wardrobe to prove it. Jackets with matching skirts everywhere. Jackets in general appear to be her thing. And during a recent clean out I grabbed three {maybe four} from her closet clean out and added them to my own wardrobe. The one today is my favourites of those. The colours. The plaid. The awesomeness. Even though they are a wee bit too small, it’s Queensland who needs to be able to button them up anyways. Haha.

So my second-hand item comes to you care of my mother dearest. Legend.

And just quietly plaid is a bit huge at the moment this its perfect timing to drag these sort of relics out of the cupboard, dust them off and give them a new lease of life. I’ve never had much success at op-shops or vintage type stores. I love the idea though of having something that very few people would have. An item that can be the wow factor of a reasonably basic outfit.

Don’t you think?

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I was talking to a lady today who wanted to know more about how I decide what to put with what when creating outfits. I promised her that when time and the post required I’d add a little note or two about styling an outfit similar to mine for yourself at home. I assume if she was asking, other people are probably curious too. So here we go with that.

Build this look by;

  • When adding to your wardrobe be sure to add items that work with lots of colours, this jacket has black, navy, red and yellow as main colours and would look great paired with any of those as well as crisp white and denim.
  • Layering a jacket like this over a neutral like black, white, cream or grey will let the main item stand out.
  • Keep accessories and other items simple. I carried my slouchy everyday handbag with this look and let the punch of the ring and shoes do the talking. Quietly. So as to not overpower the jacket. Simple, thin necklaces would have worked too.
  • The pointed toe shoes dress up this look. To make it more casual add flat sandals or even cork wedges.

plus size plaid jacket outfit with red heels-8 plus size plaid jacket outfit with red heels-3 plus size plaid jacket outfit with red heels-5 plus size plaid jacket outfit with red heels-7

Jacket – My Mum’s from goodness knows when
Top – Emerson for BigW {2010}
Ponte Pants – Target {2013}
Shoes – Women by Peter Morrissey for Big W
Costume Ring – City Chic

{sorry dudes, no links today, all old goodness}

plus size plaid jacket outfit with red heels-4

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