Resort is one of those themes that is pretty darn open to interpretation. A quick Google of Resort Fashion for 2014 shows everything from unstructured, sheer, deep v-neck dresses to monochrome, pointed shoulder, crisp over jackets. It’s like free range something you would wear on holiday. Or if you live in Queensland, like me, on the weekend. You’re jealous, I know you are. Haha.

RESORT. Resort wear. It kind of makes me think of George Costanza’s Dad in Seinfeld. Socks with sandals over, chinos pulled up to the ribcage and print Hawaiian shirts. Or J-Lo’s deep plunge fern dress with loads of bronzer and gold strappy heels. What to do, what to do. I laid out a few options and decided that whatever I picked up first would be the one. My resort post. Resort summer 2013/2014. And here it is…

I don’t know, can chambray even be considered resort? I sort of went for it after I thought a bit about what I would wear on holidays, cruising around and seeing the sights and whatever. I assume that’s the criteria. Thank goodness the themes can be interpreted however, I think I may get voted off the island if that wasn’t the case. Haha.

Shirt – 17 Sundays {sold out online}
Skirt – Virtu {similar}
Shoes – Emerson for Big W
Necklace & Earrings – Diva

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