My idea of a picnic involves about a billion dollars spent at the local deli to adequately satisfy my love of all things antipasto, crusty bread and fresh fruits. Seriously. When we picnic we picnic haaard. This time though, we were off to brunch. I was just awake after arriving home after 3am from a hens party. Sobor! Winning. And I wanted something comfortable, cool and a little bit cuuuuute too. Because why go to the effort being out of bed on a Sunday morning if you don’t look cute doing it, right? Might as well sleep in.


How is that for a little bit of a weirdo philosophy on life? But anyway, this dress from the team at 17 Sundays fits the bill beautifully. If you have considered it. Looked at it online and thought maybe. Then I strongly suggest you check out the amazing, intricate and so very vintage knit’esque sleeves and hem. That my friends is attention to detail. Check it out.

plus size knit dress 17 sundays-5 plus size knit dress 17 sundays-12 plus size knit dress 17 sundays-9plus size knit dress 17 sundays-3

Gorgeous dress, right? I was saying to my Mum that it reminds me of this dress she used to have. I never saw it in real life only in pictures. A cream crochet dress that burned into my memory for all time. The lighting, the softness of the image and the smiling face of my mother {now so similar to my own, weird}. This dress reminds me of that photo. Maybe one day my daughter will look back and remember this dress and the details that make it so unique with a face that looks like mine but different. You never do know, right?

plus size knit dress 17 sundays-11 plus size knit dress 17 sundays-2 plus size knit dress 17 sundays-8 plus size knit dress 17 sundays-7

Fly or Die Knit Dress – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Necklace – Diva {worn upside down}
Sandals – Target Australia {gifted – similar}
Bag – Autograph Fashion {2012}


plus size knit dress 17 sundays-13


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