Date night. Ahhh date night. Date night is something we do a fair bit of around here, why not right? We were just saying last night that it’s been a while since we went out. I’ve promised Hubby a movie or two that we might have missed both playing in our local cinema. Whoops. When it came to this week’s post I knew I wanted to play along, share some of my favourite date night outfits even if we haven’t found the time for much more than takeout on the couch in a while.

It will remind us all, I think, that taking time out to just hang out with the one you love is important. And that totally goes for lady dates too. My cousin Trina and I have one locked in soon. A movie and hot chocolate usually. Sometimes Grill’d. Always popcorn for dinner. Date nights are good for you, I highly recommend them. Have as many date nights as you can.

Now let’s talk outfits.

I’m a fan of casual and comfortable for date nights. You won’t find me in spanx or too high heels. Though for the dates with my husband I will sometimes make an exception just because it’s so much fun to be half a foot taller than he is. HA. I think you can make anything work for date night as long as you feel good in it and it shows. Jeans, dresses, skirts whatever makes you happy. Take a walk down memory lane with me… I’m even a little blonde in some of these. Old school.

plus size outfit with torrid denim jeans-3 plus size 17 sundays dress bared footwear-5 harlow australia 2014 autumn plus size-2 plus size pattern clash outfit 17 sundays-2

plus size dinner date outfit-1 plus size date night outfit boohoo 17 sundays-4

17 sundays suger tee dress on suger-5

Date nights, do you get out much? I hope you do. Date night rocks.  

Don’t forget to visit the rest of the Aussie Curves ladies as they show off their date night finest. And if one of my outfits interests you or one of the items of clothing peeks your interest you should be able to click on the image and go to that post for each one. Let me know if there are any issues and I’ll help out where I can with where things are from and such.

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