This outfit is a tale of epic proportions… Are you ready for that? It started with this Missguided crop and my latent desire to be a Kardashian. Who knew that was hidden in the depths of my soul. In particular I wanted to replicate the crop over the pencil skirt look the entire family do so well.

Hmmm, except I’m built REALLY differently to the girls. All the girls. Even the taller than the rest Khloe. But I am nothing if not determined. So I bought the matching skirt and prepared to put them together. That totally didn’t work. So I grabbed the mustard jersey skirt from ASOS. Better, for sure, but it would need a bit of smoothing assistance.

Phew. This was becoming a monumental outfit and I was suddenly reminded why I adore my t-shirt dress and sneakers combinations. Simple. No mess, no fuss. But I powered on. I’d wear a black bodycon slip dress from ASOS I’ve had forever. That would deal with the smooth lines I wanted and give a bit of extra coverage if I needed to reach for something at the very top shelf.

Except, of course, that dress was missing in action. In high rotation as a base piece for a lot of my work outfits it was nowhere to be found. Instead this slouchy tunic kept appearing and refused to be ignored. Like, would NOT be ignored. So I gave it a try pulling it on, adding the crop over the top and sliding into the skirt.

It was around this time that Mr Suger came to find out what the heck was taking me soooo long. Usually ready in 5 minutes, this little adventure had already taken me at least 20. That’s nice, he said, you ready to go? NICE! I practically yelled, nice!? It’s ridiculous. It’s a pain in my ass. NICE! I went to the mirror and took a look.

Hmmm. Ok. It wasn’t horrible. I wasn’t event terrible. Stuff it. I was going for it. Sushi was calling me and if I wanted to snap some photos are my new designated photos spot, I was running out of time. Mr Suger looked a little taken aback at the shift change in circumstances but took it all in his stride as he grabbed my camera on out way out the door.

And that my friends is how this outfit came to be! Odd layers, an almost peplum feel (is peplum over?) and a pop of colour in my usual monochrome palette. Not something I reached for first up, I was going for a more narrow line. But it works. Or I think it works, what say you?

layered plus size crop pencil skirt outfit-4

Wearing Missguided Crop, Black Tunic, ASOS Curve Mustard Jersey Skirt, New Look for ASOS Shoes, and Kardashian Abody bag.

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