This, my friends, is a post about women. About strong women. The ones they call bossy, domineering, powerful and unladylike. This is for the girls, the women and the old broads who did things their way and didn’t ask for permission. This is for the women I know.

A shout out of sorts.

A hello, how are you.

A would you look at you kicking ass out there has anyone told you lately how awesome you are, type post.

I encountered some things this week, some ideas and opinions that I just can’t let ride. It’s such a latent idea that women shouldn’t be strong, such an undercurrent, that people don’t even realise that it’s there. Women are just this. Men are just that. No cross over, no blurring of the lines.

This assumption or type-casting is changing. Or it feels like it is anyway. I always felt like this would change in my lifetime. My father was actively involved in our household and as a parent, splitting the commitments and chores with my mother. He was sentimental, hard-working, strong and the first to cry in sad or touching movies. My mother was fiercely independent, outgoing, boisterous and soft. They showed me that gender didn’t dictate traits like this. You did. Personality did.

So I chose to be strong. I resisted the urge to be bossy and instead became the boss. I challenged the ideas of what I should and shouldn’t be knowing that I could be any and all of them if I wanted. Maybe even one after another depending on the day and how I felt. Because I was allowed to be strong, I found my ability to be vulnerable, gentle and soft.

Apparently you and I, we can be all the things. Or none of them. So if like me you are sick to death of being told I need to be something you’re not then go be yourself. And just quietly, that doesn’t have to be strong if you don’t want either. You get to be whatever you like, dress, do, think, act. However, you like. Stop believing everything they told you. Those people are rarely correct.

And now here’s some pin’able and instagram’able images for you and the strong women in your life. Click the image for a large size, it’ll open in a new page. And have I told you lately that you’re doing great? Well you are. Well done.

strong women - anais nin - suger coat it strong women - katharine hepburn - suger coat it strong women - suger coat it

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