Most days of the weekend, heck some people would say the week too, I’m a bit of a dag. Sneakers, slouchy layers, all those things. What can I say, I love to be comfortable in what I’m wearing. My sister cringes at my outfits sometimes suggesting that a fashion blogger should perhaps NOT be seen in public in such things. And I laugh, because those that read this blog know me well enough not to care and those that don’t read this blog don’t matter. Haha.

But she’s right.

Sort of.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make an outfit comfortable, casual and cool all at once. Things like a split in your maxi skirt or a 90’s style crop over your t-shirt. Or both. You will eve note that I’d freshly washed and straightened my hair. Points for effort. Casual style needn’t be something you wouldn’t be caught dead in at the shops folks, it just needs to be easy to wear.

Wearing t-shirt/Crop from City Chic, Cross Over Drape Midi-Skirt from 17 Sundays and New Balance Sneakers.

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