I was wondering the other day, as I watched minute after minute of landscape flash past the car window, if the child I was, the opinionated, trouble-maker with big dreams I was, would be proud of the woman I am. If she would have met me as a grown up and said you’re cool. A curious thought but one that had me tripping down memory lane to visit that girl.

She wanted it all. To be Prime Minister, an interior designer, a novelist, a basketball player and maybe even a farmer. She wanted her own plane and a beach house that she never had to go home from. Lots of friends and to have parties whenever she wanted. Her journal was her most prized possession. Her cursive writing was pretty darn good. I know, I found a book over the weekend filled with it.

Would she and the teenager she became be proud of the woman I am?

I wonder sometimes. I know I’m proud of me. I probably wouldn’t be cool enough for the teenage version. Maybe I should mention to her that track pants with snap closures on the side aren’t cool anymore here either… But that might break her cold, dead teenage heart. Haha. I think they’d like me, the younger mes, in a cool aunt sort of way. Even the teenager.

These questions come to mind because I find that I am very different to the person I thought I would be. I’m more calm, less inclined to drama {my Mother is THE most surprised}. I’m happy with less and not driven by the thought of needing more. I wonder because would they be disappointed? About the plane, about not being the PM? If I knew then what I know now would I make different choices?

Probably a little thoughtful for a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning but these are the thing that keep me pushing forward. These are the questions that push me to try hard, write more, do more, be more so I can make myself proud. The me that matter, the me that is here now. In fact writing this makes me want to drag out my edited draft for the Confident You eBook and finalise those changes. Makes me want it out there in the world for you to have and love like I do.

Maybe my writing mojo is coming back?

8-year-old me WOULD be proud.

What did you dream of when you were 8? When you were a teen? Would they like what they see now? 

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