This post has been languishing in draft for a month now. You see it’s pretty hard to write a post when you’re a slacker and haven’t really made any decent amount of green juice in a while. I guess technically you could say January was an experiment in whether the green juice we drink daily {sometimes twice} around here is the real deal or not. Were the changes we were seeing in our health and well-being real or a coincidence?

It turns out it was real.

Drinking green juice daily has made us healthier, happier and stronger. I know this because it was late December when things started to wobble a little in the whole drinking it thing. January passed and we squeezed in a juice here or there. Maybe one or two a week if we were lucky. Then last week just as February moved in I got a SORE THROAT. Seriously. I haven’t been sick all year. Excluding the occasional stomach bug. I went out that day and bought my supplies, cleaned out the fridge and made 2L of juice that day and a vitamin c boost orange juice.

So I feel qualified to report to you that WE {Hubby and I} have experienced the following benefits to our health thanks to sipping our green juice daily. Obviously I’m not a health care professional. I’m not even too sure the science behind why this works. All I know is it happened to us and it’s well worth a look. Okay? Yes. Disclaimer done, moving on!

We don’t get sick – Seriously. We just don’t get sick like we used to anymore. I get the occasional stomach bug which I always blame on my adorable germ carrying family but that’s it. And I am prone to sore throats and tonsillitis. Seriously if there was someone with tonsillitis within a 5km radius I’d have caught it. So this is a big deal. A big, big deal.

We look better – Everything from the quality to our skin to our hair and nails has improved. We are shiny, bronzed versions of ourselves. Wait bronzed? What’s that about? Apparently it has to do with Vitamin K and the other good stuff in the spinach. My skin has never been better {I talked about that here} and if you are looking for an easy change to make to improve yours, try this.

We aren’t as cranky or emotional – Clearly things are going well on the inside because it’s balanced out those ups and downs that happen when you are out of whack. I find that I am less irritable and generally nicer to people. A lot like when I gave up sugar, I find the mood swings are gone. Even with just a single juice per day I find that my mood stays stable throughout the day.

We sleep better – This is a big one for me. I like sleep. Lots of it. But I never seem to be able to GET to sleep at night. Until now. I guess it’s a byproduct of the being healthy thing but I have found that when I’m regularly drinking my juice I head to bed earlier and sleep better {faster!} than I do when I’m not. If anyone can explain why that may be, I’d be curious to know why.

We are less bloated – Lean and mean we are, lean and mean. Hubby has issues with digestion and bloats pretty easily. When he is drinking the juices his digestion goes better and there is a marked improvement in the distension of his stomach. Seriously. Without them he’s like one of those old guys with a beer gut, on the juices all gone. Well not all. Awkward.


So there you go. And I know some of you are probably having a bit of a chuckle. You’ve seen the mason jars, the paper straws and every second person in your news feed talk about it. You’re probably over it. I get that. It took me AGES to read the Hunger Games books because everyone was raving about it and I’m a rebel. But seriously, if you’re feeling a little under the weather, sluggish or just blah give this a try.

Trust Aunty Suger. Haha.

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