My hair is out of control. It’s like the one thing you can guarantee about my hair. And if you thought it was bad in general, then you’d hate to see it on a normal day. Seriously. So what do I do to attempt to keep this not exactly curly not straight, long and wild, dyed copper hair under control? I do these things and keep my fingers crossed it doesn’t all go the heck as soon as I leave the house.

Which it almost always does.

That’s why this isn’t a definitive post about how I maintain a mane of silky, perfect hair. I could never write that post. I know that. YOU know that. But I do have some tips for controlling out of control hair plus I’ve thrown in some more about maintaining the copper shade {after a few false starts}. So if you have wild out of control hair, this post is for you. And if copper/red is your aim, then it’ll work for you too. Everyone else, better luck tomorrow. Haha.

So are you ready? Let’s get to work with my top five tips for maintaining your hair, a list of the products I use and things I try to avoid so that I have some semblance of a chance of a good hair day. Like ever. Long or short, colour treated or natural. There will be something here for you. After all I’ve had almost every haircut known to man and woman. Don’t EVEN start me on the hairdresser who almost burnt ALL my hair off. Haha.   


Most people wouldn’t look at me and immediately assume that I’m doing things to make my hair look the way it does. I don’t know how to do a home blow dry, I barely ever turn my straightener on. I like to keep it and simple and save time in the morning. Because I like to sleep in mostly. This is a lazy girls guide. You’re welcome.

One of the best tips I’ve ever received for long hair is if you are washing it at night, and are trying to avoid heat tools, then wash it, and put it in a plait. Loose for loose waves, tights for real crinkled waves and head to bed. You might have to deal with any fringe in the morning but the rest you can just shake it out and you’re done. Most times. Haha.

Get your hair trimmed regularly. I read somewhere lately that this is a bit of a myth when it comes to growing your hair faster but as far as making your hair look good, it’s so effective. A good cut will not only emphasise the good bits but it will get rid of those straggly ends. I don’t know about you but my hair LOVES to create flyaway and crispy ends. A regular cut will keep this under control.

Don’t forget the power of a good hair mask. Even though my hair is prone to being super oily at the roots, the ends are dry and brittle. I use a good treatment on the ends once a fortnight. Sometimes I do it all over and add copper shampoo when my colour REALLY needs a top up. It works a charm. I find that I will need to wash my hair the next day though as I get excess oil at the scalp.

Speaking of excess oil at the scalp, you know what someone way smarter than me told me to do about that? They said before you wash your hair give it a good solid brushing. The oil will come out then and can be washed away when you wash your hair. This gives me at least another day before I need to shampoo again and to be honest, the condition of my hair has improved in general since starting to do this. I’m thinking maybe I wasn’t actually brushing my hair enough.

how I control my long frizzy copper hair-10


Full disclosure and all I first tried the mousse, mask and Goldwell set because they were PR samples. These are not those samples, since then I’ve replaced them at my own expense because I like them. Okie dokie? Let’s roll. Ladies and gentlemen {are there any gentlemen?} meet the fab five, the a-team, the products I use to keep my hair under control and fabulous. Errr, sometimes. From left to right they are a hair mask, shampoo and conditioner for hair repair, the mousse of awesome for creating curls where there is only mess and my love, my favourite, my copper shampoo. Here are the links.

Wella Salon Professional Hair Mask

Goldwell Rich Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Mousse 

De Lorenzo Copper Titian Shampoo

Do you have any fab products? I know for me when my hair is lighter and I’m looking to avoid as much build up as possible I swear by an Organics shampoo you can buy for something like $3 a pop from the supermarket. It kept my hair clean and bouncy and didn’t turn my hair a golden blonde like other shampoos. Worth a look. Horses for courses, right? These are what are working for me now.

plus size date night outfit boohoo 17 sundays-11

Good luck folks. I hope that helps.

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