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It was hot, our house had been locked up all day against a storm that they promised would be coming (it didn’t) and so we decided to go out. This top from beme had just arrived in the mail as a thank you from the team for my help launching their summer lookbook.

You saw those posts right? This one about shorts and this one about that bright shift dress of awesome. I dragged off my work clothes and pulled it over my head immediately, having Mr Suger cut the tags in the kitchen on our way out the door. The skirt came out of the washing basket.

I can feel my sister eyeballing me from here. She’s one of those weirdos that loves to iron. She is not going to be impressed with this. But thems the breaks. Sorry ironing gods. Dinner called. You guys do that too sometimes, yes? Iron sch-miron. Haha.

Anyway, light and comfortable and perfect for this time of year, you just can’t beat a lightweight top and classic denim. I may be wrong about the ironing thing, but I’m right about this. And nude shoes, well that’s always a win too.

plus size white tank denim skirt casual outfit-5plus size white tank denim skirt casual outfit-9 plus size white tank denim skirt casual outfit-4

Wearing (slightly crumpled, sorry about that) scalloped edge top from beme, old flame denim skirt from 17 Sundays and Target Australia shoes.

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  • I too am an iron avoider, so much so that when I stayed at my mums the other day and was forced to iron a crumply dress she took a photo, cause it happens so rarely hehe Looking fab btw

    • Haha. I’m bracing myself for when my sister gets wind of this post. I’m a dead man. So I get this. SO MUCH. When my stuff is ironed I think I rule the world.

  • ElegantEccentric

    I don’t iron. Lol. I carefully shape my clothes whilst wet and hang them to dry instead! I come by it honestly, though – when she was a teenager, my mother used to pay her little sister to do her ironing.

    That’s a great top (rumpled or no). It’s exactly the perfect thing to wear when it’s hot and sticky.

    • Thanks, it really is. And the perfect weight for this weather. Which of course leads to all the crinkling. Haha. I pay my sister to do my ironing. But she’s been busy lately, no time for the giant pile threatening to take over. 😉