The Budget Fashionista Workbook is in the final stages and should be coming to a blog store near you shortly. Phew! One of the final things on my list was to get some photos for the front and rear covers and the inside pages to reduce the number of stock images I needed to buy. And make it more personal and all that too, of course.

So yesterday afternoon the fabulous Desiree of Madame Rouge Makeup came to make up my face and hold my hand. I was surprisingly nervous to take these photos considering the number of photos of myself I take every week! It’s like saying sum up your style, why someone would want it and everything you’re trying to say in the book in ONE outfit. It was a mental challenge to say the least. I barely slept. No really. Stop laughing. Seriously.

We took two set of photos with the plan to discard one and use the other for the covers. One or two of the photos below may end up in the eBook somewhere but maybe not too. They ended up a bit too white on white. My sister rolled her eyes and asked what I was thinking photographing a white shirt on a white wall. I said I wanted a clean look. Too far? Yeah, probably. But it’s still too cute of an outfit not to show off! 

budget fashionista ebook plus size outfit-5 budget fashionista ebook plus size outfit-4

I mean come oooooon! Neon wedges, cuffed light wash jeans and a cute scarf. What’s not to love. I’m jealous of our friends in the Southern Hemisphere who are heading into fall. Jealous because you’re still getting into jeans weather. Other than the lightest of light jeans it certainly is not jeans weather here. It’s been hot! Over thirty degrees celsius for weeks now. We’ve even had a few evening storms. You know, the sort that arrives after a hot and humid summer’s day with a crackle of electricity and a burst of cool air.

But it’s October {just!}. Mother Nature didn’t get the memo I suppose.

Whatever it is I love this shear top over jeans, even these low slung ones. Add a simple singlet and some serious fun via the shoes and scarf and you’re on. As far as a basic outfit goes nothing can beat the distressed jeans, white top combo. Nothing. It’s like a blank canvas to artist types. It just begs to be added to. But is beautiful in its own way too. If you know what I mean? You do. Of course!

budget fashionista ebook plus size outfit-3 budget fashionista ebook plus size outfit-6

Top – ASOS Curve circa 2010
Singlet – Target
Scarf – Cotton On
Jeans – ASOS Curve circa 2010
Wedges – Big Shoe Zam {gifted}


budget fashionista ebook plus size outfit-2

If you had to pick an outfit to represent you on the cover of an eBook what would YOU wear?


  • Natalie Tucker

    You are just gorgeous, I love this look and I love you xo

  • Trudie Bristow

    Firstly I just wanted to say that I’m very happy and excited for you that this is all happening and coming together for you. Go you. X

    Secondly to answer your question about what to wear for the cover of our own ebook. Lol…that’s a loaded question isn’t it? It would most certainly, no doubt about it, have to be vintage, probably early 70’s most specifically. Either the most glorious maxi dress to end all maxi dresses or a high waisted floral maxi paired with a comical or fun pop culture tee. Ohhhh now I want me an ebook and a photoshot… fun. To not wear vintage on my own cover would be fraudulent.

    Once again lady you’re wonderful, it’s so terrific this is happening I can’t wait to see it. Big love. X

    • Thanks Trudie! Glad to have finally got it all underway after sitting on it for so long. I’m looking forward to sending it out into the world and then for Confident You to do the same. EXCITING.

      And YES! Your outfit sounds perfect. So great. I wouldn’t have expected anything but.

  • Emma Hinchliff

    Yaaaay!!! I’m so excited for your ebooks!!! Too excited actually! If these are the second pics then I can’t wait to see the ones you chose! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE THESE SHOES!!!! Hot hot hot lady!!!

    I would probably wear a lacey skater dress with some wedge booties for my outfit. Cute but edgy all at once!!!

    Congratulations hunny!!!!

    • Thank you Emma!! You’re the best. I appreciate your support. This outfit is fab, the photos just aren’t as good because the shirt gets lost on the white wall. The ones I chose are just a little better suited to the job. The outfit is probably a little tame’er.

      Great outfit choice.

  • Sally Finlay

    Love this outfit – totally something I would wear!

  • Kelly Burstow

    Completely cute outfit! Look forward tot the ebook!

    • Thank you Kelly. And YES. FINALLY. With Confident You to follow by new year. Phew. x

  • Kim Heniadis

    I love those shoes and the cuffed pants… awesome!

  • I can see why you lost sleep – that’s a big question! For me it’d be my weekend uniform of jeans, thongs, plain tee and a scarf. For hot weather, swap jeans for denim shorts, lose the scarf and add statement necklace and sunnies!
    If this is the look you discarded, can’t wait to see the one that made the cut! I love it.

  • Those shoes are seriously SO amazing!

  • Trudes

    I just stumbled on your blog – and you are brilliant. You seem to gravitate towards the styles that I like, so I think you have found yourself another faithful follower. Thank you for showing that curvy doesn’t have to equate to daggy.

    • Welcome along! Thanks so much. Glad you’re enjoying it and absolutely, curvy does NOT mean daggy. x

  • I love the whole white on white thing that you’ve got going here. It’s very Bill Grainger cookbook-like, if you know what I mean.

    • Thanks Kristy! I hadn’t even thought of it that way. Good thinking 99.

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