Hmmmm, sparkle hey. We’ve had sequins, glam, bling and all things sparklesque in the time since the Aussie Curves challenges started. And me? Well I have a bit of a personal war going on with sequins. I love to hate them and they love to love me so hard it hurts. My arms usually. Scratchy goodness it is not. So sparkle week was eyed off with a distinct wariness from over here where I am.

I had to phone a friend.

Mel. Liv. Desiree. HELP.

Bring me all the sparkles PLEASE I said. And boy oh boy did Mel deliver. But then, you saw her shop that time I shared photos of it, right? Sequin heaven. There was even this killer combo that I was prancing about my house at 2am wearing. So it was a tough call to decide on this flirty, fun skater dress in a foil looking silver fabric. Sooo easy to wear. Stretchy and the flippy skirt is lots of fun. Add stockings and ankle boots and you can’t beat it. If only I had my leather baseball cap already. That would’ve been a total outfit win.  

silver skater dress plus size outfit-1 silver skater dress plus size outfit-7 silver skater dress plus size outfit-9 silver skater dress plus size outfit-2 silver skater dress plus size outfit-3

Silver Skater Dress – via Curvy Cartel {would fit size 20}
Faux Suspender Stockings – {gifted}
Boots – Target Australia {similar}


silver skater dress plus size outfit-4

  • PrincessEatsPeaSoup

    Fun, fun, fun. Love this outfit!

  • Miss Busy

    I swear I wore that exact dress to a middle school dance! OMG I need this!

  • lisarapley

    Although I love that sequin dress, this is just as awesome. Looking good!

    • The sequin WAS pretty awesome. It’s hanging in front of me as I type sort of taunting me, it wants to party. Lucky I’m loaning it out for a 30th, so it will get its chance. 😀

  • Yes! Now this is the kind of sparkle I can get behind! I totally agree with you about the scratchy factor!! I think your tights are divine and the most pretty shade of blue 😀

  • Genevieve Dwyer

    Suger, I dont get it. Her stuff looks amazing and I want to do so but how/where can I shop it? Or is it just a shop in her house? I dont get it

    • Oh sorry hun I just saw this. Did you get all the answers you need on Instagram?

  • Love the stockings! The shimmer of that dress is incredible, looks amazing on you. That sequin peplum strapless number is incredible. Damn those scratchy sequins! Someone needs to invent non scratchy sequins 😉

    • Thank you. Shimmer is all kinds of wonderful. Scratchy sequins are the worst. Haha. If only there was an invention to protect your arms against it? Like a glue or something that makes a protective barrier??

  • Rachel GeeBee

    This outfit is SMOKING HOT

  • flashionaffair

    That dress will turn heads i love it!!!

    • Soooo many heads. They’ll be looking aware so the glare doesn’t blind them. HAHA. Thanks E. x

  • SpiikerKat

    very cute! has a slight mod feel!

  • Pretty sure this outfit needs to make its way into my wardrobe. I LOVE IT!

    • Talk to Mel, the dress is hers, if she’ll part with it I’m sure she’d be happy to know it’s going to a good home. 😉