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Well hello out there Sugers. Nice day for it. So curiosity got the better of you, did it? you had to pop over and find out how this all happened? How the heck did Suger start? How did the ‘e’ end up in there? Some of you will have heard this one, especially those who have been around for a while. But here goes. And seriously, I could be handing over any marketing credibility I ever had with this one. Sorry folks who endorsed me on Linked In, it was ALL a lie. Haha.

One night in 2009 I decided to start a blog. I’d opened one months before and hadn’t blogged a single thing. It wouldn’t work though. I wanted a NEW one. So I started the Blogger naming your blog tango. I entered name after name after name. Nothing was available. In fact, this is how I originally found the blog Sunny Side Up. Darn! I really wanted that one. I wanted something positive. Something that would be flexible as I undoubtedly would change my mind what I wrote about and something that wasn’t already taken!

Mostly something that wasn’t already taken.

Then, at the end of my rope I typed in Suger Coat It. And hey presto it was free. HOLY COW! How did that happen. Excellent. So I started writing my blog. My original profile photo didn’t even have my face in it. I think I was considering anonymity for a minute there. It took almost a month before the first person asked me why Suger with an E? I realised quickly that this was not how sugar was spelt but it was too late.

I liked it.

No one else had it.

It still got the point across.

And it was unique.

So I kept it. Never once shying away from the question of why. In fact it’s become my calling card. Dani nicknamed me Suger and it caught on. Google suger and you’ll find me. I’m all over that. In fact my first nasty comment on the blog referred to the spelling of the word pointing out my other repeated and horrible spelling and grammar mistakes. Stab me in the heart why don’t you? Go right for my Achilles heel! Interesting fact, I almost didn’t blog because spelling and grammar have just never made any sense to me.

But I did. Blog, that is. And I’m glad. Because no amount of spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors will keep me from doing this thing that it turns out that I love. Neither will mean comments, bossy comments, a little too personal comments or all the praise and validation in the world. I will not be swayed. The good times are too good to give up. The chance to have my say is too intoxicating to let go. I’ve found my groove and I’m going with it. I’m a blogger at heart.

I’m Suger with an E. This I Suger Coat It. And that’s my story.

What is yours bloggers?

Here’s Lara’s story. This post was inspired by her.

  • Patrick weseman

    Love the story. Do as you please.


    I have come to look forward to seeing your lovely face as part of my daily blog-trawl.

    And suger – I geddit! 😀

    I have been through a few blog sites.

    I like cilosophy though as it is my philosophy on a lot of things. Cilosophy being a mix of the name cilla and philosophy. You probably already figured it out.

    • Thank you Cilla. you’re a gem. Loving the name of your current site. It fits perfectly.

  • I always think of you as Suger, and I love the “e”, for some reason it looks sweeter xxx

  • Sarah Collins

    Haha I did wonder at first when I started reading your blog why the e was there. But I thought it was just an in-joke or something! now I know, and i like it! Haha

  • Jane Allan

    Miss Suger this blog is your and yours alone. All those that would put you down don’t count when it belongs to you, to take in whatever direction you wish to take it. Congratulations on being gorgeous and standing up to those hiding behind their nasty pastie words. More power to you.

    • That it is. Thank you Jane, all in all on the interwebs I’m treated very well. Especially compared to some others. I’m grateful for that.

  • Kylie Gardner

    That’s hilarious! And brilliant. I thought I saw you the other day and my first instinct was to yell out SUGER!! 🙂

    • It is, right? *facepalm* Haha. I wish it had been me, would’ve been great to catch up. xo

  • Amy Wells

    That’s awesome – I love that you didn’t even realise until someone pointed it out and, furthermore, that you didn’t care. Way to stick to the spelling and grammar Nazis!

    • Haha. I wish I was that cool, I was embarrassed for a while but thought, stuff it, it happened, own it! 😉

  • Great story! I am thinking about re-naming my blog because it doesn’t feel like “me”. Its really hard, isn’t it? Everything I think of just doesn’t seem right…

    • Thank you. Do it. I always say to people that if it doesn’t fit the sooner you change it the better. But be sure. Sometimes the first one IS the best one for you.

  • Lisa

    Now we know! I am catching myself spelling sugar with an “e” & have to remind myself to correct it. I went through a few names myself at the beginning-everyone had similar ideas to me. Suger certainly has a life of its own.

    • Indeed you do! I get that all the time in tweets and emails, damn you SUGER I’m spelling sugar with an E. Haha. Love it. I just saying that’s me, ruining the english language since 2009. 😉

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  • BigCurvyLove

    LOL I’ve always wondered about the “E!” Mystery solvEd 🙂

  • Camilla

    I’ve just found this blog and I’m completely in love with it!! Thank you for being the inspiration you are by simply being you!

    • Well thank you very much! I’ve just replied to your other comments from around the place and I’m glad you found yourself here for a while. Welcome. I hope to see you around the place. 😉

  • Ha ha! I LOVE the story behind your Blog name! I can totally relate as I really struggle with spelling myself but have ventured into the Blogging scene all the same. I have enjoyed visiting your pages today, thanks.

  • Ha ha! I absolutely LOVE the story behind your Blog name! I can totally relate as I really struggle with spelling myself but have ventured into the Blogging scene all the same. I have enjoyed visiting your pages today, thanks.

    • Thanks! Me too. Haha. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog and that you still blog, spelling problems and all. 😉