I came home this afternoon and it occurred to me, there was nothing much to do. The Confident You emails finished today and for two weeks now it had been my routine to come home, log in and polish and schedule the email. I’m done. We did it. I’ve finished the challenge and I feel every bit like we just had a challenge.

You know, tired but sort of hyped too. That sort of feeling. 

Instead of the “work-work” there is to do, I decided to open a blank page here. See what showed up. Like, be a blogger or something. Part of what I’m committed to in 2017 (I know, it’s come up so fast) is to write more. To find the time to just ramble on and write. Heck, maybe I’ll even finish some eBooks I’m writing. Or that young adult fiction about my super cool imaginary 16-year-old version of me.

Whatever. I want to write. 

In the heat of the afternoon, which here is pushing over 36 degrees, writing comes easily. The fan creating some sort of chill background noise is the only sound. It’s satisfying to hear the click of the keyboard as the words line up on the page. I missed it. I had really planned not to let the blog go by the wayside this challenge. But it happened anyway. As these things have a way of doing.

Someone in my newsletter survey told me to stop apologising. To stop saying I’m sorry it’s been quiet here. Or I was busy and I just didn’t get it done. Sorry that you were expecting something from me that I didn’t deliver. But a lot of the time, that’s not the case. I’m actually covering off on something no one really needed me to cover off on.

It’s the internet, I don’t want to say no one even missed me, but well, no one even missed me. 

So now when I’m gone, I’m just gone. If it’s interesting I share. Or not so interesting you might end up with something like this post. Now I think about it. Isn’t it funny how things like that can just relieve the pressure? I felt the pressure to be here and to provide something, but now I know that it doesn’t need to be that way. We can just go along as we go.

That’s what I know now. 

And next week, because I’ve got a decent amount of stuff in the pipeline, I’m going to be here all the darn time and you’ll be sick of me. And let’s face it, too busy to read it anyway being Christmas and all. But too bad. I’m almost ready to share with you a post about what I’m putting my focus to in 2017 (and how I transformed a freebie diary into something cool).

AND I’ve been in the kitchen again. Isn’t that surprising? So there’s food stuff coming too. I have a sponsored Instagram coming up for a protein powder, so I’ve been playing around with different recipes using it. Soooo, smoothie heads, brace yourself for a coffee smoothie goodness. Not sponsored here, but too cool not to share. Haha.

So that’s the news and the writing and what showed up this fine Wednesday afternoon. I had to think about that for too long. I think it’s Wednesday anyway. How are things with you? Been doing anything interesting or simply treading water until the end of the year? Tell me, tell me, please! 

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