If you feel like you’ve seen this work style outfit before, it would be because you sort of have. But with ankle boots, of course, which is the way I’m most likely to be wearing it. It’s a go-to outfit for the office. So go-to in fact that it is constantly either being worn, being washed or being dried. I can’t image the pieces will last much longer, but they aren’t showing signs of wear and tear yet. YET. I need like 5 more of each to keep me in items forever.

So why does this outfit work for the office so easily?

Well you can add a jacket and maybe a pendant necklace for meeting days. You can add boots on casual days. And then when it is all said and done you can flip your hair, add some lippie and wear it to the pub afterwards. Versatile. Simple. That’s the aim and this outfit delivers. Work style win team, such a win.

Do you have a go-to work style that you fall back on when you’re running late or lacking inspiration? TELL MEEEEE! I could use a few more tricks up my sleeve. A few not so stripy, not so ankle boot-ie type tricks. What can I say, I’m a create of habit. Share the love and inspiration team. Photos and posts welcome in the comments.

plus size work style stripe skirt 17 sundays-1 plus size work style stripe skirt 17 sundays-3 plus size work style stripe skirt 17 sundays-4 plus size work style stripe skirt 17 sundays-5

Sorry team, all items have been in my wardrobe since 1901. 

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