Ever wondered what sort of things plus size bloggers get in the mail? Wonder no more, I have opened my mail on camera for the first time (should it be the last? Tell me, I’m trying here). Everything is linked below, but there are clothes, beauty products and plenty of things to read! What can I say, it was a killer mail week. Haha.

{there’s an audio slip that goes out of sync around the 6-minute mark, sorry about that}

So why did I share this {obviously not perfect} video?

Because I’m determined to upload a video a week, and because I’m just as committed to being in front of the camera MORE, here is what came in the mail this week. It’s all about showing up, learning and getting better, right? I downloaded Premiere Pro this week, took more videos with my iPhone and generally tried more. I’m hoping that the old saying practice makes perfect will kick in for me soon. That and getting my office set up for recording with some lights! Watch this space.

Too bad I had just done the dishes and manage to get some serious sink water splashes on my dress which didn’t show up on the screen but does now. So fun! And now I’ve mentioned it, it’s probably all you’re going to see. Sigh. Isn’t that always the way. Hang in with me, team, I’m learning! Haha.

All the links*;

  • Ezibuy – Desesse by Addition Elle
  • ModiBodi
  • Essano – Acai Berry Shampoo + Conditioner
  • City Chic – Perry Knee Boots
  • 17 Sundays – Tops
  • 17 Sundays – Bottoms
  • Collective Magazine
  • Lean In
  • The Life Giving Magic of Not Giving a F*CK
  • Bad Feminist

*all the things! Some affiliate links included

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