Something happened when we bought the camper trailer. First, it was an Instagram account to document our travels (of course) and registration of a domain (nothing to see there as yet). Then we purchased LED light kits and solar mats. We talked about selling my car and upgrading to something that could tow the trailer.

It was a whole thing.

Then, after daydreaming about our future travels we got into the idea of a drone. I mean, those people on Instagram make it look so cool. Sweeping cinematic shots of the stunning Australian landscape. Shot, snappy edits of people, places and events. I wanted all that! Of course, I did.

Let’s just say that DJI saw me coming.

So, we did it. I stalked the prices and packs online. We watched and saved and subscribed to more email lists than was probably necessary. Until the day arrived; the ding of my inbox notified me that there was a refurbished Mavic Pro in a fly more kit, in our budget. It was go-time.

Whipping out my card faster than you can say DJI, I entered my details and we commenced the wait for it to arrive. In preparation, Kel and I started watching starter guides, first flight reviews and photography tutorials for the Mavic Pro. We updated our flying information and found out about extending my public liability insurance. Not that I plan to use it commercially, but that seemed like a good idea.

Safety first, team!

And then the day arrived. The box was on our doorstep surprisingly fast and as I carried it downstairs to the living room, the excitement built. It was here! I couldn’t wait. It had arrived and just before a long weekend too. It was kismet! Without even thinking about it that much, we did all the setup and calibrations and prepared to wake before dawn for our maiden voyage.

And it was FOG as far as the eye could see!

Let’s just say, not ideal. Haha. But we stayed close to our launch spot, kept a visual of the drone as much as possible, and kept the flight mode in beginner. Kel was really cautious to start; a personality trait he doesn’t normally display.

I was a little more confident that with all the avoidance sensors and such in play, we’d be fine. Overconfident perhaps? But we made home safe and sound to fly another day. And by another day I mean later that same day, then the next afternoon, and a few days since. Haha.

To mark the occasion, I took some photos.

First with my little Fuji travel camera And then we snapped a couple of pics with the camera on the drone. We’ve got lots to learn, but right now, we’re having fun learning it. Watch this space for adventures! Or the Instagram, we’re heading to our usual spot at the beach this weekend, I’m sure the drone will make an appearance there.

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