This past week before I entered the accidental media black out that was the long weekend spent in Central Queensland, I had a post go live at Nikki’s blog Styling You. You know the one, right? A real-girl guide to fashion, beauty and life. You know. That one. It’s a pretty darn good post if I do say so myself and I highly recommend you check it out.

Read all about it over at Styling You and leave me a comment about your personal style and if Pinterest was involved in the development. It lets Nikki know people LOVE me and then she will keep having me back. Derr. Haha. But no pressure. Obviously you do what you want. I for one never did like being told what to do. EVER. So have a great day and I’m hoping to have an outfit photo on the blog later tonight.

The blog schedule is a little wobby this week, can you tell?

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