I’m Team Slouch, maybe more so these days than I am Team Stripes, shock horror. I love to wear draped, easy, oversized pieces. It’s become my thing in the last few years. The combination of a deep neckline and slouchy dress or an oversized maxi knotted up to show some serious leg is just really sexy cool to me.

There’s a conversation that says that plus size women shouldn’t wear ‘oversized’ shapes to avoid looking bigger. God forbid, right? Why would ANYONE want to look fatter than they are? Forget that. Forget all that they told you. First of all, why is every fashion aim to look smaller, leaner, thinner? Why is that the only outcome we are told to achieve? Flattering, ugh, that word is so overused and annoying.

Forget the rules! Have I mentioned before ‘they’ lied? 

And yet, if flattering is what you’re after, there is plenty of it here. Plenty of flattering, plenty of comfort, and plenty of easy to wear goodness. As someone who was 100% team pencil skirt, skin-tight dresses and t-shirt (and sometimes, still am) there is a lot to be said for the casual cool ease that comes with an oversized, slouchy silhouette. Try it, if you haven’t already, you’ll thank me later.

This White Haven Emporium dress (called the Curve Miracle Dress) is the latest addition to my Team Slouch, crease free closet of wash and wear favourites. I’m going to do a blog post of how I’m putting together my favourites in this category. I mean, when it comes to my life wash and wear is the way it goes. Especially since I gave my sister my flash steamer iron. So watch out for that.

Wearing White Haven Emporium Curve Miracle Dress (free size – gifted) in black and ancient ankle boots from BareFoot Tess. 

The dress, gifted to me, is free-sized and true to the guide on the website saying up to a size 26. I’d say this would comfortably work to a size 26 and depending on your height, beyond. I’m a size 24 at the moment and I have plenty of room and length. If I was at the smaller end of the range, I would consider the ‘straight-sized’ option or get in touch with the team to discuss that. I’ll leave that up to you, team.

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