I was invited by Carly Findlay to write a post for her ‘Appearance Diversity’ series on her blog. I was nervous about the idea at first. I am different to the usual choice, I don’t have a disability or facial difference, so how would me post be responded to? Would people tell me to cry a river and take a hike?

But I decided to do it anyway. As I do. I wrote a post about my experience with being different and how through blogging I found my place to cause change in the representation of people who are different. For those who are outside of what we are told to be.

Apparently in the end I had A LOT to say. As usual. I hope you’ll read the excerpt here and pop over to read the rest.

As a child, I was fairly mainstream in my looks. Hardly appearance diverse. I was an average sized tanned, blue-eyed blonde in Australia. I was pretty much a dime a dozen. Life chugged along nicely and my biggest concern was if I could get my hands on the same scrunch socks as my friends. I was average. Until I wasn’t.

As I entered my pre-teen years, and I shot up and out. I was almost my full adult height of 178cm by the time I entered high school. And despite numerous attempts throughout the years through disorder eating and manic exercise to starve myself thin, I was never smaller than an Australian size 14/16. I’m a big girl from hearty stock. What can I say? Today I wear an Australian size 20/22.

Read the rest of the post at Carly’s blog, Tune into Radio Carly.

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