While I have smugly advanced past the cheapest of wines, that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in getting value for money. I think maybe I just drank too much of the Accomplice Sav. Blanc back in the day to even stomach anything like it these days. Haha. Recently I shared a post asking for wine suggestions and the hot tip. You delivered, as always, so I went on the hunt to see if I could find the wine that would become my new favourite.


Now, I’m no wine expert by any means.


But, I’ll try anything once and like what I like, whatever the price tag. My taste leans a little drier than your average white wine drinker, but not all the way. As I flicked through the pages of wines, I started wondering how good some of these wines could be for under $20! One was under $7, which is the limit of cheap and cheerful I go these days if I’ve learned my lesson. All can be bought in larger quantities that reduce the price further.

Would they taste okay? Would we enjoy them, and would I be able to share them with family and friends without being exposed as a cheapskate? Not that that should be your primary concern when making purchases, but come on, who doesn’t love to find an excellent drinking wine to bring that has people asking about it?


Lord of the wines, that’s my goal in life.


But also, is it possible to enjoy an inexpensive wine and not suffer the consequences of the preservative hangovers. Precisely what happens to me with some low-cost wines. Does that ever happen to you? One glass or many, it makes no difference. When the preservative hangover comes for you, you’re done for. If you know, you know. Yikes.

With a determination to enjoy another hot girl summer, I went hunting for the best summer wines. They had to be drinkable and perfect for beachside, poolside, picnics and BBQs. I’ve included Uncle Dan links in the list below and the complete product name if you want to find them elsewhere. I figure, who doesn’t (other than us here in Gympie) have access to a Dan Murphey, right? Anyway, who’s thirsty? Let’s dive into that, shall we?


Summer’s Best Cheap and Cheerful Wines


Summer's best cheap + cheerful wines - Suger Coat It

One.  The Black Chook Sparkling Shiraz $19.99  |  Two.  Torresella Pinot Grigio Rosé $12.99  |  Three.  De Bortoli Prosecco $13.99  |  Four.  Elephant In The Room Pinot Gris $13.99  |  Five.  Mr Mich Rosé $15.99   |  Six. Jacob’s Creek Le Petit Rosé $13.95  |  Seven.  Susuro Vermentino $19.99   |  Eight. Minchinbury Pinot Noir $6.99  |  Nine.  Lobster Reef Sauvignon Blanc $15.99 


Now, I can be a little partial to a pretty label, which is reflected in most of my choices. If it was a toss-up between two similar wines, I chose the prettiest. I’m a shallow and horrible human being, I know. But they wouldn’t have made this list unless I personally love them or the reviews gave them four or more stars with reviews that said they were highly drinkable. That’s what really matters, right? What’s on the inside.


And one last favourite!


One of my favourites, not under the $20 mark, but well worth the try, is the 6Ft6 Prosecco Nv ($25). I first tasted this at one of the Melbourne Fashion Week events and had to buy more once home. Plus, black and white stripes are so on-brand for me. Haha. Once, I even worked with them to do a giveaway on the blog (I made prosecco cocktails, you’re welcome). While it’s the highest-priced on the list, I find that you can often score an offer or deal that reduces the per bottle price. I’m keen to try their new 6Ft6 Prosecco Rosé, so if you score a bottle, let me know how it is.


How about some wine subscription action?


Something else that I enjoy doing to discover new wines is getting my Good Pair Days box (that’s my referral link, FYI. Sign up, and we both get a free $40 bottle of wine; score). I have a four wine bottle subscription delivered per month and have had the best time discovering new wines via their deliveries. Not to mention their packing rocks and they send all these presents as you order and reviews wines. Things like tea towels, bottle openers, champagne corks and even a thermal cup and bottle; I love that.

Are you interested in such things? I’ve done an entire post featuring some of the best-reviewed Wine Clubs and Box Subscriptions out there. If you’re into trying new things and are okay with other people having a go at picking your wines, check them out. I think it’s fun, and it’s like having a present to me, from me delivered every month. It’s the best use of my adult money I can think of. Haha.


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Best summer wines - Suger Coat It

Best summer wines - Suger Coat It

Best summer wines - Suger Coat It


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