In 2015 I conducted a workshop focusing on Instagram for Business. And not just any kind of Instagram for Business, the kind that doesn’t creep people out. The kind without the follow for a follow then unfollow strategy. The kind where you don’t spam like people or beg them to ‘check out your profile’ in their comments. None of that. Just the plain old building a community of people interested in you and your business.

I called it the non-creep guide to Instagram for Business.

The workshop was a roaring success. We were SO into the content that we went almost an hour over time and we could have stayed there all night. ALL night literally, I could’ve kept talking for days. If you’ve met me this is no great surprise, getting me to shut about something I’m interested in is IMPOSSIBLE. And I’m really REALLY into Instagram for Business.

So how did I go from teaching workshops (which I’m still doing and LOVE) to releasing the workbook online? WELL, my friend Gayel who runs the oh so awesome The Content Queen suggested I need to take my workshop workbook and upgrade the content for her clients that couldn’t get to a workshop.

I decided that she was right.

We live in a rural area, to be able to say to people, here is the basis of my workshop, email me if you have questions, is a great service to offer. Plus I’m selling it here for a fraction of the cost of the workshops, even though people said I shouldn’t, but you know what I know? If you could come to my workshop, you would! It’s LOTS of fun. No harm, no foul.

And that is how I came to beef up what was once a Workshop hand out to be a useful and informative guide for those wanting to take their business on to Instagram and do it right. Build it with loyal fans who say YES PLEASE when you ask them if they want to use your service or buy your product. Genuine customers who love having you in their Instagram feed as much as you love creating content for it.

That sort of customer.

Your copy is one click away (ish, there may be a couple of hoops to jump).

instagram for business workbook-9

The Workbook covers;

  • Setting up your account for success. Whether you’re starting from scratch or building on an existing profile, this will get you up and running right.
  • We talk branding, why it’s important and then you map it out for YOUR BRAND.
  • Using The Checklist you will audit your existing profile/load your first 9 images and continue to keep the branding strategies in mind as you do.
  • Attracting your community, how to do and who they REALLY are, creating your ideal customer.
  • Strategies for regramming ‘user generated content’ and doing it in a way that encourages your community to participate.
  • Community development strategies that work.
  • Talking about The Creep Factor including suggestions of strategies to avoid no matter WHO tell you to use them. Being a creep may grow your numbers, but it will never grow your community.
  • The ins and outs of when to sell on Instagram and when not to.
  • Plan out what’s next for you.

instagram for business workbook-8

What they’re saying about the Instagram for Business workbook.

“After attending Melissa’s Instagram for Business workshop locally and applying all the hints and tips from the workbook when I got home, my audience has grown from 600 to just over 4000 and growing daily. My images get great reach and I’ve been regrammed a number of times by followers and brands I use. With her help and guidance, I have transformed my hobby account into an invaluable business tool. Thank you so much, Melissa.”

Desiree of Madame Rouge Makeup

“I love Melissa and her Instagram account. Not only does she lead by example but she is also a huge encourager of others. If you have a question, she’ll answer it. Want feedback, she’ll give it. She only wants others to do well and demonstrates herself through this. She’s a gorgeous friend, mentor and business partner and I would recommend Melissa and her Instagram for Business Workbook to anyone.”

Tess of Success Undressed

I was lucky enough to spend a few days with Melissa late last year at a blogging retreat and it was here that she shared with me this fabulous resource. Instagram has always been my favourite of all social media platforms and whilst I had accounts running for my personal blog and business I really wasn’t moving forward with increasing my followers.

After working through Melissa’s Instagram for Business Workbook, suddenly the penny dropped and I understood better what my perfect follower was looking for on my profiles. Early this year, I started a new blog and delivered Melissa’s methods to the associated Instagram account. I am gaining 100 engaged, interested and interactive followers per month and absolutely love working on the account. I can highly recommend this workbook for anyone on Instagram wanting to grow their following. Why? Because Melissa’s method works. Simple.

Gayel of The Daily Recovery

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