Annnnnnd we’re back! For those who are into the Suger+Ink podcast, or want to be, we are live with season two. This welcome back episode covers off on our summers (I did a fair bit of complaining about the heat), blog updates and plus size industry news.

Considering the topics you’d think I was pretty chill and not ranty, right?

Well, as usual in relation to this, you’d be wrong. So wrong. It happened. What can I say, I’m really into being ‘sooo over’ stuff thing. Haha. While discussing the coverage the blog received at the start of this year, I couldn’t help but share my views on why some people suck. And more than that, why they’re dangerous.

Suger+Ink has its own website for show notes if you want to check that out, or you can join in the conversation on our pretty much brand new Facebook page. Especially if you’re interested in us covering a particular topic related to being plus size or body confidence in general. Hit us up! But enough of that flogging the podcast thing, it’s time for a listen.

Here we go!

Already a listener? We hope you enjoyed our return and we welcome your feedback and ratings and such. Hello, it’s pretty hard to crack this who iTunes thing without a producer or mega brand behind you, let me say THAT. Your help and support is so appreciated.

Oh, and someone told me we should be on Google Play? Is that a thing? Let me know and if you need us to be there, we’ll be there. Happy listening team.

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