If you are starting out your curvy girl fashion journey it won’t be long at all before you come across Alison Teng of Curvy Girl Chic. Her chic and cool outfits are show stoppers time after time after time. That’s what makes her such a resource for new fashionistas or women finding their feet in fashion. It’s a style that can be replicated with items that aren’t the same. This style is more of a vibe. A feeling. A statement in mixing and matching… Curious? Find out more.


When it comes to this look, it’s all about classic elements, paired in unique ways to make a fun and flirty style that is refreshing and totally unique. The combinations make you think. How could I pair my clothes in a similar way. Mix it up a little. The colours, textures and shape combinations are something worth looking at.

Consider pairing cut-off shorts with a polished blazer and adding sneakers. Then take that formal girlie dress and add a leather jacket with studded booties. Now you’re starting to get somewhere. Emphasise your love of all things girlie one day and go sporty chic the next. Experiment, have fun and never discount a pairing until you have tried it.

And when you’ve nailed all that be sure to go big on colour and pattern clashes followed by a classic all black outfit. Keep them guessing with unexpected combinations that will keep people guessing. The aim here is to take a piece and make it look completely different to the catalogues that are selling it. Personalise the piece, make it yours. That applies for this style in general. It’s classic and cool and surprising all in one.



Steal Her Style Curvy Girl Chic Shopping

1. Floral Shirt + Asymmetrical Skirt 2. Structured Jogger 3. Geo Print Pants
4. Ponte & Pleather Dress 5. Boyfriend Jeans 6. Floral Pencil Skirt
7. Sequin Heart T-Shirt 8. Leather Jacket 9. Colour Block Wedges 10. Ankle Boot
11. T-Shirt Dress 12. Lace Embellished Top


And of course, how could I not include the jacket designed for American label MYNT 1792 by this fabulous blogger herself! Not sure about shipping to Australia or things like that, but it’s gorgeous, zips off at the middle to crop the jacket and the colour is divine. it HAD to be here. Check out all the info here.


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