SoMa SoMa Espresso opened in Mellor Street, Gympie earlier this year. Long before I had the chance to visit I had heard about their coffee. At that stage, they were still waiting on their food service permits (etc, snore) but the coffee was an immediate and huge hit. Firstly because it was GOOD, and secondly because it was so CHEAP. A large coffee for well under $5, can’t argue with that.

Flash forward a few months and everything has fallen into place for the team.

Food is pumping and the all day menu means food comes out quick. Which, for the lunch crowd is important and in my experience can be somewhat lacking around town. I’m all for a long lunch, but sometimes I don’t have the time. Being able to have my food on the table quickly works for me.

Plus, they are now open Friday evenings with wine and tapas. As far as I’m concerned, that makes it perfect. Wine and little plates of food, I’m in! And if you want to stay up to date with what the team are doing, make sure you like the SoMa SoMa Espresso Facebook page.

Soma Soma Espresso Gympie | Soma Soma Espresso Gympie | Soma Soma Espresso Gympie |

SoMa SoMa Espresso is just what we were waiting for. It’s an Instagrammable place (way essential) to get great coffee and meet up. Get there early for the best parks, trust me. If you’re coming through Gympie, or live here (we should be friends!), then make sure you put aside some time to give this cafe a go.

But what to eat?

I highly recommend the pesto pasta, the quiche (always yum!), and smashed avocado with the poached eggs. Heck, all the extras with the smashed avo if you’re in the mood (everything from pancetta to haloumi). Don’t forget the coffee. Make sure you get a coffee. It really is something to write home about. Then kick back, enjoy the atmosphere and thank your lucky stars that I gave you the heads up. Haha. You’re welcome.

Soma Soma Espresso Gympie | Soma Soma Espresso Gympie | Soma Soma Espresso Gympie |


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