If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I started working with Elissa, a coach, around my relationship with food, eating, and exercise. I did it to combat a lifetime of disordered eating and ideas associated with my body. I feel like I’ve let get a little shaky in the last year or two and wanted to rectify it. So with that in mind, I received my first plan, and we started coaching about a month ago.


And well, true to form, when I couldn’t do it perfectly, I didn’t do it at all. Not ideal.


Knowing something was up, Elissa booked a call with me to chat. It’s funny how, and I’ve said this before with coaches, they can see right through you. It’s the sameness of being human, I think. We all like to believe we are these complicated, hard-to-figure-out beings, but we aren’t.

She knew immediately what my problem was. I’ve been a coach; let me tell you what a talent that is to be able to set your ‘stuff’ aside and hear someone else. It’s pretty special. So, yeah, she crushed it. She listened to me lament the terrible start, the feeling of not being 100% in, and all of that; Elissa shaped her response and delivered it like a one/two punch.

You need to stop waiting for it to be perfect. Do one thing. Then do another thing. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship with food. If you’re waiting for that, it’s not coming. Pick one thing and change that. Do what you can—progress over perfection.

I’ve paraphrased, of course. That paragraph sounds very me. Haha. Elissa is much more articulate than I am. But it is the same thing I say to you guys about confidence or your relationship with your body, family, partners, and the world! Stop looking for that one magic, perfect moment and start living. Do it now. Do it one moment or one day at a time.


BUT it’s amazing how ingrained this idea of perfect is, right?


It just keeps showing up in different ways. It sneaks up on me and settles in before I realise it’s even there. Remarkable. This post is to remind you to stay vigilant. Remember to keep an eye out for those things that erode your confidence and ability to do the things you want to do. Look for the signs when you’re stuck, and get in communication with someone who can see right through you. Most of all, start living. Do it now, imperfectly.

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