Oh yeah, this is happening. It’s so hipster it hurts. This mason jar pomegranate cocktail {with ginger and lime!} is delicious. Bonus, it can {and should} be made ahead of time. That makes them party friendly otherwise, they are NOT. At all. Trust me, you’re not going to want to be tackling peeling and deseeding a pomegranate at the last minute in your party best. Even your BBQ best. Nope. Don’t do that to yourself. If prep isn’t your thing, buy them prepared. Otherwise, expect a big, red, crazy ass mess.

You’ve been warned.

Now, my cocktail drinking friends, it’s time to get to business. There’s a list of ingredients below plus my usual casual method of recipe giving. Let me know if you have any questions before you get started, I’ll help where I can. As always, if you want the ENTIRE #SugerDRINKS eBook, just subscribe to the Suger News weekly newsletter and it’s all yours. FREE.

Did I say drink responsibly? No? Yeah, I didn’t think that sounded like me. Haha.

Lime + Pomegranate Punch - Suger Coat It Lime + Pomegranate Punch - Suger Coat It Lime + Pomegranate Punch - Suger Coat It Lime + Pomegranate Punch - Suger Coat It Lime + Pomegranate Punch - Suger Coat It

Mason Jar Pomegranate Cocktail


1⁄2 Pomegranate
2cm piece of ginger (sliced)
1 lime (half juiced/half sliced)
1 cup Soda Water
60ml Vodka
(per mason jar/serve)


First, let me apologise for this. Pomegranate as delicious and colourful as they are, are a giant pain in the ass. What a mess! So, I will completely understand if you want to buy them deseeded.

This one is pretty simple after you get through that. Muddle the pomegranate, ginger and lime slices in the bottom of your glass or jar. Smoosh them all together, add the lime juice, vodka and ice. Then fill with soda water. Done!

I said earlier you can prepare them ahead of time. And you can! Prep the fruit and even prep the smooshing of them all together. It depends on how far ahead you need to be. Seriously, if you’re smooshing, I highly recommend putting the vodka in with them and it’ll be delicious.

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