This one is for the tall girls. The girls in the back of the photo. The ones who always end up with jacket sleeves shorter than their arms. This is for the women who are sick of slouching, slumping and bending. For the tall girls, the tall women, for the ladies from me to you… Let’s do this.

A few weeks ago I was told by a complete stranger that I was “too tall” in the boots I was wearing. Seriously, that happened. I posted about it on my Facebook page and people seemed surprised that someone would say that. It wasn’t a surprise at all to the tall girls. We get it all the time, right?

You’re too tall. But like I said to this dearie in the supermarket, when it all comes down to it, what am I too tall for? TOO TALL FOR WHAT? People love to tell us we are too tall for heels, too tall to stand up straight, too tall for our partners or for anyone to be interested in us. And let’s not forget, too tall for normal.

And so what!?

You’re tall.

It’s time you and everyone else got over it.

Because tall is just tall.

Tall will never stop you living a full life. Being tall you will fall in love, probably out of it a few times too. You will find a job you love if you want one, or have a business or calling that speaks to you, even as a tall person. Promise. You will prosper, laugh loudly, dance joyfully and fling yourself in grassy meadows if you want to.

Do you know why? Because being tall doesn’t impact those things one single bit. Not one bit. I promise you that, my tall lady friend. So get out there and live that life of yours. Be awesome. Be TALL. Be super tall if that’s what you are. Life’s too short to try to make yourself smaller to fit into some idea of what a woman looks like. You should know that by now, we talk about it here all the time. So, go on. I’m here if you need me.

A shout out to all the tall girls |
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