This post could have just as easily been titled, sometimes you’re just at the beach with sand in your face. It’s about letting go and holding on. It’s about knowing the difference and not knowing the difference and trying to figure it all out. It’s about choices.

As I sit in the sand, the wind is buffeting my face and beach umbrella flaps perilously behind me, I think to myself, this makes no sense at all. Why am I here, forcing a day to be perfect when it’s clearly not. Why do I do that? Over and over again. Why do I find a way to consistently dig my heels in and make situations I should let go, work?

People. Businesses. Situations. PEOPLE.

The answer I found in the sand that day was I’m an optimist. I want it to work out. I want things to be great. And in a lot of ways I want my hand in that, a legacy of sorts. But sometimes it means I’m sitting on a beach, with a face full of sand, being a stubborn ass who won’t go home in case things get better, and I miss out.

But which is worse?

Hanging in for too long or giving up too soon. I’m not sure.

I compare it to my blogs and their associated businesses. I sometimes wonder what will become of them and if they’ll even achieve the success I can picture for them. I wonder if the work I’ve put in, the time and the efforts will return in the way I have only dreamed about. I am literally on that windy beach with them right now. It’s time to decide if I wait it out and hopefully enjoy the perfect day, or if I go home and give up on my plan for now.

And it’s that with a lot of things. Life, it throws you challenges and curve balls and PEOPLE to test you, did I mention the people? And if you know me, I think you’ll guess which way I’m leaning. I’m leaning towards sticking it out. Of course, I am. A bit sand in my face, a bit of difficulty never hurt anyone. I’m team hang in there. Try something different and keep going. But sometimes we, errr I, tend to force things that aren’t working, well past the point of sticking it out. That wind on the beach, it lasted for days. In the end, when we packed our gear and went home it was the best thing to do.

Sometimes, there’s something to hold out for, a light at the end of the tunnel of giddy, dizzying success, and sometimes, you’re just at the beach with sand in your face. The tricky part is deciding which is which. Go or stay. Second chance or no. It’s like that old Kenny Rogers song says, you’ve gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em. Don’t get my family started on THAT one. Trust me. Haha.

If you’ve tried everything, if you given the situation the benefit of the doubts, then it’s time to call it quits. When you can comfortably walk away and not look back (even if the weather turns) then it’s time.

What about you? Are you holding on to something you really should quit and is it time to let go? You get where I’m coming from, yes?

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