I’ve been doing my best not to leave the house since we came home from the beach at the end of March. Because Kevin is still attempting to run his business, he has been in charge of supply missions. He has been to the supermarket and bottle shop (when will the wine I ordered online show up!?) with covers off on the essentials for us. But today, I couldn’t handle the walls of the house anymore and decided to jump in the car to go for a drive.

The first thing I notice is that the 159-litre long-range fuel tank is full. Like, FULL FULL. Considering we came back from the beach on half a tank, this is a new development. Okay, I think, maybe he just got excited about fuel prices. That said, we have a fuel account and rarely sell day-to-day variations in fuel. Who knows, he wanted fuel and a lot of it. We are now prepared to make a run for Cairns or Tasmania, whichever direction the end of the world isn’t coming from.

But it didn’t end there.

After returning from camping most 4WD type items had been removed from the car. But I notice as I check in the boot for a rattling sound that what remains is an assortment of survival type items. Including a multi-tool shovel that doubled as an axe and saw as well. Quite sharp and kind of weapon-like. Trying not to think too much about it, I notice we now have a brand new first aid kit and recovery strap as well. All tucked neatly into the side console in the boot. And it dawns on me, we are, except maybe a bunk out bag, all set to jump in the car and head for the hills. Someone remind me to stock up on those meal bag things.

If you know Kel, or have been around the blog for a while; this won’t surprise you.

To be honest, I had been wondering how he was coping so well with the stay at home directive. This is the guy that during the 2009 floods decided to keep driving to the flooded boundaries of our part of town until one of them was low enough to have opened the road. Then, he just drove, calling me along the way, celebrating just how far he’d gotten from home! My Kel does not do well with staying in the house. Especially if you tell him, he HAS to.

With this discovery, it seems he has been keeping himself busy in the best, and most productive, way he knew how. Kel vs. the Apocalypse is well underway, and I think he might just have taken the win this round. To be honest, I’m proud he found a way to make staying at home as often as he has been. I’m glad to have a new first aid kit (I’ve used three bandaids out of it already thanks to kitchen injuries FFS) and think that a little bit of preparedness never hurt anyone.

Even if my car is now an escape pod. Haha. 

How are you coping with the self-isolation life? Are you a prepper like Kel? Maybe you’re just desperate for something to fill the hours.

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