As some of you know, I started working with an assistant earlier this year. I wanted work to continue on my other blog, The Leave Home Blog, as well as some other things. I was lucky enough to hire Charlotte, the daughter of my friend Desiree. Oh heeeey. Charlotte, welcome to the team, right?

I loved having Charlotte because she had been around social media for years. She had assisted her Mum with numerous make-up clients giving her experience with people AND on the job, assisting. She knew how to lay out a flat lay, this crazy world of content, she just got it from day one.

And for the second time today, she kicked content creation ass.

This is how far we've come | Suger Coat It

The results from our second photo shoot for the Leave Home Blog brand, went just as smoothly as the first. I’m so proud of the keen eye Charlotte has developed for what we need to tell OUR brand story. (Want to see some of her work, check out the blog or the Instagram). I’m so proud.

I had to learn a lot along the way in order to be able to let others help me. Along with Charlotte I also have the assistance of another teen, Aeris. Along with that, I use a guy for website and content help. Someone who would rather remain nameless. And I’m in the process of working out how to use an editor for some video content.

To think of where we started this year, this is a WHOLE THING.

A whole MASSIVE thing. Here we are and this is what we’re achieving. If someone had asked me at the start of the year if we would be working with National social media clients, large-scale organisations and more small businesses than ever, I would have laughed. Who has the time, right? But somehow, we found the way to make it all work.

And still blog. And still Instagram. And sometimes even podcast and YouTube. I mean. I’m proud of us. I can’t wait to see where we go from here. Between the blogs, the social media business and all the things we manage in between, I’m just grateful, you know? And for today, this night where there was nothing much else to share, I wanted to share that with you.


I mean, you’re part of the team too, right?


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