My niece, Arleigh loves the swing. The higher, the better and as the wind rushes through her hair she’ll shriek higher, higher! Then when maximum height had been achieved the swing would start to wobble. The good old speed wobbles. And as it shuddered and she held on tighter, she’d laugh and say “it’s a bit wobby”.

A bit wobby indeed kid.

It’s like that when you are out there living the life you love and something gives you a nudge, sets you off course. You find yourself off-balance, out of step… A bit wobby. So what then? How do you firm up your footing and move forward when facing challenges?

There have been some key points in my life where things got off track and I had to pull them back on. The most recent example of this is the changes to our house and the way we manage our businesses due to some epic level tax procrastination coming home to roost. We got a nudge, it almost shoved me over the edge if I’m honest, but we held firm, rode it out and have come out the other side better for it.

Believe me there was a lot of course correcting to do, new systems to put in place, new deadlines and goals. Bit by bit we developed our systems so that we were in a stronger position in the end. Ready and prepared to meet the same challenge the following year. Wobbles can be a bit like that, they show up when you’re on the fast track to something that if you’re honest, you may be a little unprepared to face.

Take some time to seek out expert opinions, grow your knowledge and learn something you didn’t know about your area of focus. If it’s business, then read a book on business, take an eCourse. Do something to increase your knowledge and expand the base where you can draw ideas from. Expand yourself, a wobble is a perfect time to grow and use that growth to steady yourself.

Talk about your problems and see what solutions people come up with. The old adage holds true, ask and you shall receive. I like to tell people about my stuff ups regularly, you’d be surprised how efficiently this provides me with the answer to correcting my gaff. It’s held true for me my entire life that when I got over myself enough to stop be embarrassed for not being perfect and ask for help, that I always receive the guidance I need. You will too.

Sometimes these challenges, the wobbly times, are the final hurdle before you get what you want.

How do you tell the difference between when it’s time to learn and when it’s time to hold tight and wait it out? The way I do it is I do a bit of a check-in. Have I done all I know to do, am I on the path I want to be on, and would someone else agree there is nothing more to be done?

If everything looks good then you are just like Arleigh on the swing. You are breaking through and the wobbles are just the final shake down to see if you’re ready. If you are, you hold tight and wait to break through.

Sounds good, right? Yeeeeesss, winning.

I know, I know, I’m the last person in the world to be using the phrase winning. Hashtag winning would be worse, though. But it is. When you get the wobbles, some people quit. They throw in the towel and walk away. It’s nice to know that it doesn’t always have to be the case. There’s always something you can be doing even when it feels like the foundation you have built your dreams on is shaky.

how to get back on track with your goals - suger coat it

So get out there team, tackle the wobbly times head on and watch your life expand like you wouldn’t believe. And if all else fails next time you hit a wobbly patch, just hear my voice in your head saying, it’s a bit wobbly. I’ve got your back.

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