The Daily Life asked where to buy minimalist clothes for curvy women, I couldn’t have agreed more with the post. This is my style. This simple, pared-back, cool pieces that aren’t kitschy or overtly sexy or girly. Where are these retailers? Who is catering to the women in plus who don’t want to dress up, who want fashionable clothes that are classic and chic?

Where are they?

I loved the article. It summed up how I felt entirely about the problem with being this consumer in the market flooded with girly-girl offerings. And yes, I followed a couple of new Instagram accounts for brands I hadn’t heard of. The thing is that I HAVE found the places I like to shop for these items.

And the good news for us locals is that a large chunk of them are Aussie owned labels. My first response was to tweet that they forgot my favourites 17 Sundays. The 17 Sundays team responded with a tweet that suggested that SOME Aussie selections might have been a good idea for the post. They were SO right.

where to buy minimalist plus size fashion

Here are my suggestions for where to buy minimalist clothing for curvy women.

17 Sunday - Australia Extended Size Clothing Brand

17 Sundays

It’s no secret that when it comes to this brand I rely heavily on their items to fill my wardrobe. Between the brand relationship and the money I personally spend, my wardrobe is 17 heavy, let’s face it. And it’s because their style overlaps so nicely with my own. You want cool pieces that are fashion in a way that fashion is so under-represented in plus, start here. And their BASIC range, well I live in it for its simplicity and functionality. And because it makes me feel cool. Shop 17 Sundays here.


emobody denim

Embody Denim

It doesn’t get more minimalist than classic denim with the side order of the little black dress. And these are two things that Embody Denim do with their hands tied behind their back. Great cut, excellent quality and effortless, chic cuts are what they are about. Every minimalist needs a GREAT pair of jeans. Plus women, start here. Shop Embody Denim. 


eder and berk plus size fashion brand australia

Eder + Berk

Formally Meri by Design, Eder + Berk delivers the style of Northern Beaches corporate we all aspire too. Classic pieces and strong cuts. Their recent showing at Curvy Couture blew us all away and I’m sure there’s much more to come from this relaunched brand. Shop Eder + Berk.


hope and harvest plus size fashion australia

Hope & Harvest

A long time favourite brand on the blog, Hope & Harvest deliver everyday pieces you can wear from hanging out in the park to a corporate work environment. Sure every season there’s a go-to selection that you’d hardly call minimalist, but the core of their brand speaks to the girl who just wants great stuff, with a decent cut that she can wear all day long. Shop Hope & Harvest.


Harlow Australia

When Harlow launched I was excited to finally have found a provided that made a simple moto-pant for plus women, pencil skirts and wrap dresses for work. Simple, classic styles that I wore time and time again. They have developed their range and now cover a lot of bases, but the core of simplicity is still there. Now incorporating denim, what more could you want!? Shop Harlow Australia.


You’re welcome, team. As always, I’ve got your back. But I’m not sure this is the last on the topic that you’ll hear from me… This topic is a bit of a bee in my bonnet. All I want is simple, cool, beautifully made clothes that are stylish and classic. Is that so much to ask? I don’t think so.


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