Suger’s Summer content has been a light on the ground in the past year or two. It used to be a little more of a thing around here. A function of not being that motivated to create, I suppose. But something about the warm days and long afternoons has inspired me. And what is more inspiring than a cocktail? Something bright and fun, refreshing and light. Something with gin!

I’m not normally a gin drinker. My maternal grandmother apparently was, but from her down we found ourselves to be a wee bit too emotional if we were partaking in gin. Who knows if that’s a real thing, but all the very scientific evidence seems to suggest it is. Anyway, I tend to avoid gin in favour of my favourite child, vodka. But earlier this year, I couldn’t resist (aka was sucked into) an ad campaign for a Bloody Shira Gin.

And it seems, the rest is history. Let’s get into it.

Gin Prosecco Cocktail Suger's Summer

Gin Prosecco Cocktail Suger's Summer


gin and prosecco summer cocktail

you’ll need (per serve)

30ml’ish Gin
1 cup Prosecco
Orange Slices

do this

add a large scoop of ice-cream to your serving glass
top with gin, followed by prosecco
finish with the slice of orange


some notes

We used a Shiraz gin from Four Pillars. This gives it a darker colour. We may have also been a little more heavy-handed than a single shot… ‘Tis the season and all. Here’s the hot tip, we put the orange in first, layered the gin and prosecco and ended up with a little pocket at the bottom of the drink formed by the orange. It’s way easier to add the orange after.

We had raspberry or lemon sorbet, and both were great. A large scoop with chilled ingredients is enough that you don’t need ice. However, you could easily skip the sorbet and have this over ice with a little added grapefruit juice for a bit of kick. Speaking of which, you could substitute the orange for grapefruit (so good) or blood orange depending on your gin choice. In fact, the gin could be swapped for vodka easily too; so versatile.


Gin Prosecco Cocktail Suger's Summer

Gin Prosecco Cocktail Suger's Summer


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Gin and Prosecco Cocktail with Sorbet and Orange - Suger's Summer

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