Over the past couple of months, all of 2017 really, I’ve been questioning the decisions I make about how I spend my time. Who, what and where I invest it in and why. There have been some interesting things to acknowledge along the way. The main one being that more often than not, I was choosing to do what felt good vs. what served me.

I think the professionals call it instant gratification.

Well, it was at work over here. I saw it in the choices I was making with my body and the way I interact with people. The relationships I was developing and investing in and the outcomes for me. It turned out that while most of it was SUPER fun, the consequences for me weren’t great. Worn out, worn down and just plain old flat, I made some changes.

The changes were little ones at the start, then larger as the months went on and my confidence grew. I learnt, perhaps for the first time, to say something before I got frustrated, angry or felt my generosity was taken for granted. An Aries through and through, this requires a certain amount of checking in with myself.

Short temper and all that, it’s almost preemptive! Haha.

But, the process began, and it works for me. When I skipped the gym or kept working instead of taking a break, I checked in with myself. Does this serve me, or is it just fun? Saying yes to “pick your brain” coffees and conversations taking hours out of my workday, I had to be upfront with myself. Most of the time, they were just fun. I’m okay with me having a good time sometimes, AND I’m committed to living a big life and achieving my goals.

And yes, I’m okay with me having a good time sometimes, AND I’m committed to living a big life and achieving my goals. It probably doesn’t sound like such a good plan. All work and no play or something like that. But doing what serves you is way more fun in the long run. Heck, it can even be fun as you go. You just have to find balance.

Yup, the b-word. 

For me, finding the time to commit to my projects and work matters just as much as face to face time with friends. I’m learning that step by step. There have been times that I worked so hard I thought my vision had gone bad. While other times I stared at empty pages for months and didn’t achieve a thing. Highs and lows. Soaring highs, and plummeting lows. That was me. Now, I do things differently.

This post is to encourage you to do something differently. To find the things that serve you and do them. I hope that if there is something you are dealing with right now that feels out of whack, that you can bring it back into line. Ask yourself, does this serve me? OR am I just looking for a good time? *insert inappropriate eyebrow wiggle*

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