It’s finally that time of year; knits and boots time! I’ve been waiting for this for what seems like forever. Last year, we didn’t get much winter with the occasional cold, and that’s about it. But I don’t know if it’s my cold talking, or what, but this year it’s been CHILLY.

Yaasssss, finally!

So, I popped over to ASOS to grab some knit dresses (I ended up with two, I’ll have to see if photos are possible when I give it a run). I knew that ASOS being ASOS they would be moving into summer so there would be some bargains. But, I didn’t expect to find this gorgeous sock of a dress for $30.

You really can’t beat that out of season shopping thing. I’m keeping a close eye on the sales for a coat that I can wear to work. Maybe something that I could wear out for a night out winter situation. But that’s a story for another day.

So, what did I decide to wear with my sock of a knit dress?

My new boots, of course! Those who follow my Instagram know that I was searching for boots about a month ago. And not to buy, just in my house. They were lost somewhere and ‘packed away safely’, and I’d misplaced them. But when I did find my stash, I was reminded that I had gotten rid of my black knee-high boots, retiring them after years of hard service.

Replacements were in order!

I picked up these Riding High boots, and I’ve got another pair of more casual riding boots (I have them in Maroon, worn here) saved in my Wishlist. It had been a big parcel week; I wanted to take stock of what I had ordered before I went ahead and ordered more stuff. I’ll probably get them. Casual boots are just too comfortable for me to wear to work. Anyways…

So my knee-knee length boots (none of this under the knee business for these babies) paired with my knitted sock dress are giving me such a 90’s vibe that I can’t even. I’ve always wanted to be one of those chic women who can wear knit dresses without turning into a puddle.

Maybe this is my time!?

Or maybe, at least for now, while the weather holds out, I can pretend. I continue to maintain that I’m a summer kid, but you know what, those winter vibes might just be winning. This time. For now, anyway.

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Wearing ECO Knitted Dress via ASOS Curve and the Riding High City Chic Boots 

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