Inspired by Katrina from The Organised Housewife {and her daily task reminders} and my lady friend Rah, I have created an email series based on inspiring YOU to live your best life, whatever that may be. These emails will inspire you to be more creative, confident, expressed and just down right awesome every day.

Every. Single. Day.

So from my inbox to yours I’ll be sending a message, an image, a quote or a challenge that you can use that day to inspire you. I’ve been scouring the interwebs and have developed the first month to start off with. It’ll be like a trial for us all. I’m excited to see what we can create in that time. If you’ve ever wished for a personal cheerleader, coach or bossy boots, this is the time!

I considered whether or not daily is too often… And maybe it is. That’s what February is for. February is our trial run. I’ve got a month worth of content planned and it will be delivered to you in gorgeous HTML format. It’s a chance to speak with you more one on one. To encourage you every day. To pop up in the morning and be like, HEY! Have a great day. You’re awesome. 

Just slightly less vomit inducing. Promise.

It won’t be published to any of the social media pages or this blog. Sure I might share a particularly awesome day but don’t count on it. It’s an email thing. That makes it more intimate. So to get the emails you will need to subscribe to Living the Sweet Life Daily {below}. To ignore this and pretend nothing is happening in email world. Do nothing. Easy right?

This is part of my plan for making 2014 the biggest, bestest year of the blog yet. The best year for you AND me yet. Just the best. I promised more awesome and this is the way of delivering it. Still plenty to see here folks. I’m not going anywhere blog wise. Promise. Now, are you ready? Let’s do this thing…


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