If you think blogs are great at changing your ideas about body image wait until you hear these killer body image podcasts! They are going to go head to head with that little voice of yours and kick its ass. Are you ready for that?

Let’s just say that I was a bit of a podcast newbie. I’d downloaded a few after a blog conference once but couldn’t really get into the format. It’s not my fault, I doze off when someone reads me a story. It’s a throwback thing, I’m sure. Since starting my very own podcast SUGER + INK last year with Samara of Blonde Ink, I’ve delved into the world of podcasts.

And the short version? Now, I love podcasts.

I love listening to them when I’m driving and when I’m chilling in my spa (which I do a rather lot). After a while, I went looking for women in far off spaces of the interwebs who are changing the way we think about our bodies. Plus size women preferably, but I was open to any and all sources.

What I did find was a slew (such a strange word) of interesting, exciting body-positive conversations to change your mind. It is these voices, these conversations that will change your mind, reprogram you, into thinking differently. Trust me on that. It’s changed my mind over and over again.


Body Positive Podcasts 2017 - Suger Coat It

My current favourite body image podcasts.

Bad Fat Broads

Pull up your feminist socks and be ready to change your mind, these ladies don’t pull any punches and you’re going to love them for it. I know I do.

The Reclaiming You Podcast

I started following Sarah during my last Confident You challenge after someone shared one of her quote images with me on Instagram. I’m glad I did because I’m loving her podcast too. Let Sarah talk to you about your body, the relationship to it and how you can support those around you.

Food Psych

I’m pretty new to this podcast but I’m loving it. It’s like, a super professional, lots of great guests, super awesome podcast. I love that we can talk about our relationship with food here and it feels safe and without judgement.

The Recovery Warrior

I don’t know about you, but I believe that most of us have some sort of distorted or disordered relationship with food. “They” programmed us that way. This podcast may be focused on eating disorder recovery, but for me, it’s helped me start to change my mind about my relationship with food and my body in general.

The Bodcast by Bustle

Ahhh bustle, it started on Facebook and now it’s here. I love this idea and while I’m only a couple of episodes into this podcast (I think it only has about ten episodes at the time of writing this) I’m loving it. Fun, professionally done (derrrr) and I can imagine they are going to access to some CRAZY COOL guests.

Mine, Suger + Ink

And of course, I’m loving mine! We return from our extended summer break on Monday and I can’t wait to get into the year. Last year we did topics of the week, but this season we hope to address more newsworthy items, things that come across our path in terms of our experience as plus size women and, for me mostly, the things that make us angry and a little bit ranty. Haha. So, tune in, I’d love to have you guys there too. The SoundCloud player is in my sidebar if you ever just want to listen from here.

And that’s my list!

Are you listening to a body image podcast that you love? Make sure you give it a shout out (name or link) in the comments, and I’ll check it out.

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